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04 Sep 2018 23:13:04
Well in the interest of fair is fair and all that I have to cut myself a relative slice of ye olde humble pie! I was not overly keen when we were tied with Traore, unsure that he was worth the outlay due to the rough edges. Now in my defence the rough edges were correct, he pretty much gave the ball away on his first three runs last match when he should have looked up.

However in his defence I suspect that's mostly because he's on from the bench and trying to prove himself which he rather did with that pretty darn important run and tidy finish! I now see what Nuno (and to give credit) many on here saw when considering his VAST potential and with that speed it is VAST potential!

Such exciting times to be a Wolves fan, that game was the classic kind of fixture that EVERY other season in the Prem we would have snatched defeat from the jaws of success (the Arnautovic chance springs to mind;) but we FINALLY look like the real deal! And on a that note. what about our new keeper I mean just WOW! I know its early days but he doesn't look far off a De Gea quality keeper and for a newly promoted team that's beyond crazy!

I think cause he's a keeper (and currently free) we have all taken for granted the level of the coup that was (myself included)! But when you put it into the context of signing one of (probably) the top five (I'd argue top three;) in his position in the LEAGUE well it just still blows my mind that he's a wolf! Such good times to be a fan, just need to keep flying under that radar because sooner or later some big clubs are going to start to notice just how good our Nuno is! Hopefully he wants to see just how strong this pack can be COYW ;)

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05 Sep 2018 08:21:36
Add Moutinho at £5m and I think we've made the best 2 signings of the summer. Patricio is World class and Moutinho is starting to dictate play from midfield.

06 Sep 2018 15:21:31
The risk now is predators. If Man. Utd. go on another losing run, Mourinho will be sacked, and Nuno will replace him - then expect a December swoop for Boly and Neves. Fosun have to give Nuno the salary that leads him to say no to Man. Utd., Benfica, et al. He is also key to keeping Neves.

06 Sep 2018 15:33:01
Its no news fortnight, not a lot of prem banter, apart from JM and Man U.

you or i could generate the next exclusive headline, . why not VILLA to replace BRUCE with BASIL BRUSH . 😂.

06 Sep 2018 15:55:07
The thought of Nuno going to ManU is worse than awful although they will probably choose an established name with Champions League experience like Zidane I reckon we will be safe with Nuno this season but we have seen managers like him like Martinez moving to pastures new we are ok so long as Fosun are behind us and him.

07 Sep 2018 00:56:43
Well that right there was a SERIOUS case of the 'commentators curse' considering I wrote that post two days before the story appeared! That said its still just a STORY and when you read it the opening gambit is 'if Zidane turned it down' well (for me) that's the end of the sentence because in NO way could Zidane turn that job down! So I think we will be safe from United (for now) cause dare I say it they haven't got the sense, like you say Window they'd MUCH sooner a 'Champs League name'. However the very fact this article has come about this early on in the season shows what we are up against. I think we are safe from most of the teams outside of the Champs league, cause I think he's sensible enough to know that we are only a few seasons off a Euro quals team! The problem is that by the end of the season I wouldn't be surprised if a champs league team looks at him, take Spurs for example. What if Poch ends up at United or Real, then suddenly Spurs are looking for a manger and he fits ALL their criteria (good footy, youth development, media savvy)! Especially when you consider Poch was managing at Espanyol then Southampton before they took him (not unlike Nunos trajectory) . The pessimist in me says we will be lucky to keep him for the full season then he will be on to bigger things, but the childish Wolves fan in me keeps saying what IF?!

What IF he has bought into Fosun dream? What IF 'the strength of the wolf is in the pack'?! Cause the very thing that makes him special is the very thing that will bring the big boys to our door. Cause there are a hat full of managers that can get a team to punch above there weight and grab the odd Euro place out of the blue (Dyche last season springs to mind) . But there are VERY few managers that can do that whilst playing sexy football, and Nuno is doing that with ease! IN NUNO WE TRUST! HE'S A WOLF! 😉.

07 Sep 2018 10:36:56
Bullysboy great interesting reading post as always. topman👍
Wobbliesbobblies are you a wolves fan? i, m not sure by your past posts .

07 Sep 2018 10:54:08
Nuno has a dream! Why would he want to have a nightmare? United’s domination of English football ended with Sir Alex! No one will be given the time required to rebuild their club, transfer policy of buying other teams “best players” doesn’t work (Sanchez - Pogba - FRED - etc) The way United is being run these days they’d be lucky to get Steve Bruce to manage them, think Nuno will finish what he started and we can all carry on dreaming. Coincidently, didn’t CIty try unsettling Neves just before we played them? Me thinks the “Big boys” are getting a bit concerned!

08 Sep 2018 07:56:31
Imagine if Nuno became our Alex Ferguson staying with us a generation building a world beating team how good is that?

10 Sep 2018 08:27:05
Start designing that statue!



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