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30 Jul 2018 18:19:45
Why are we embarrassing ourselves by trying to get Traore on the cheap? Pay the release clause and get him in asap or move on. We would be insulted if clubs made low offers for our players and if Hudd sign Traore for £18 m where does that leave us?

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30 Jul 2018 19:27:46
I agree just pay the 18m.

30 Jul 2018 19:52:04
Fulham were the best side in the championship January onwards and have massively outspent us before they sign Mawson.
We had a massive head start on them and n
Have been left in their wake.
Linked with players we have no hope of signing whilst missing out on players who could have been bought in on a fraction of their cost to balance the squad.
Hope I am wrong and the last few days of the window make me eat my words.
But I am the realist
Bonatini was the first day I smelt a rat thought he was a bullet well dodged.
But he’s back, snatched from under the noses of. well actually nobody.
Am I negative no
Am I a pessimist no
You know I am THE REALIST.

30 Jul 2018 20:16:47
I agree with everything you say realist spot on.

30 Jul 2018 20:21:17
Fulham are putting us the shame in this transfer window.

30 Jul 2018 20:25:57
We've signed up all the loan players from last season except N'Diaye. Fulham have signed Mitrovic, Schurrle, Seri and a GK and on the verge of signing Mawson. We've signed Patricio, Mouthinho and Jimenez with at least 2 others to come. Fulham may out spend us but we've signed the better players.

30 Jul 2018 20:43:22
I hear what everyone says about Fulham but you have underestimated them. They have a massively rich owner who actually wants to buy Wembley Stadium. That could be part of a redevelopment of Craven Cottage. The ability to move into Wembley for a while would be invaluable. They could also stop Chelsea using Wembley while redeveloping Stamford Bridge. Fulham’s dreams are every bit as big as Fosun’s. They are in the PL to stay and prosper, not just to survive.

30 Jul 2018 20:44:39
Jas take off the gold tinted specs.
My hopes were so high but our signings are coin toss purchases.
Patricio yes
Moutinho yes
Game changers none
Boly jota vinagre were all there last year.

30 Jul 2018 21:01:15
Awe need a striker and an attacking CM as we have got none.

30 Jul 2018 21:11:56
None of us know how we'll do this season, despite all the hype and expectation. All kinds of unknown things can happen, but it will be tougher than ever, as all the clubs are frantically trying to improve. The last few days of the transfer window are going to be the craziest we've ever seen and we will be involved to the end. So let's calm down, enjoy the ride, and reserve judgement till the window shuts.

30 Jul 2018 21:17:07
Realist, have you ever seen Jimenez or Jonny play on a regular basis? I would suggest not. Let's give them a chance first before passing judgement. There must be something about Jimenez otherwise he wouldn't have 60 odd caps for Mexico. Likewise Atletico wouldn't just sign an unproven Left back. They may not be the world class big names we all crave for but they are Wolves players for the next 12 months so rather than slate them before they've kicked a ball in anger, let's get behind them.

30 Jul 2018 21:42:12
Realist you claimed over and over last year we wouldn’t be promoted, and how did that turn out for you?

We’ve signed by far the better keeper, centre mid we’ve both signed well, upfront you claim Jiminez is a coin toss, but Mitrovic hardly set the prem alight when he played in it before. Le Marchand has played far more games in Ligue 2 than 1 so is hardly a world class signing, whereas Jonny has been a staple for Celtas team in La Liga with almost 200 games and is viewed as Atletis long term fb after our loan, we’re also being linked with a number of cbs so will bring in someone else. Andre Schurrle is a good signing, but we’re well stocked in that department.

I obviously want more quality, but as a newly promoted team we’ve done amazingly to sign Rui and Moutinho, why not trust the club to bring in more quality. They may surprise you like last season!

30 Jul 2018 21:47:22
A bit more info on Seri😂

“I have ingrown toenails and when it’s cold I need special treatment, ” he admitted to Le Point. “I don’t see myself playing in a country where it’s cold. I hurt everywhere and I struggle to train. ”.

30 Jul 2018 21:49:06
I hate to doubt Nuno after what he performed for us last year. He may well have got it right again this summer, who knows?

I do think that we could do with PL experience though. I personally think that we should have gone for Mawson, Bertrand and Antonio.

I reckon we could have got the 3 of them for £50m combined. Antonio and Doherty would give us 2 really good RWB's Vinagre and Bertrand would give to really good LWB's and a back 3 of Boly, Coady and Mawson would be a very solid defence. Midfield is sorted and forward line very few outside the top 6 can match us.

That is only my opinion though.

30 Jul 2018 22:40:40
Realist? Pessimist is a better name, and you mentioned it yourself. You evidently think every silver lining has a cloud. Glass half empty. Nuno is obviously an person to not see how terrible Bonatini is. Nuno would not get us promoted last season. By the way, only an person would toss a coin to decide a player purchase. Nuno has no control over which players we are “linked with”: That’s all press speculation and gossip, so don’t blame Nuno when we are “linked” with unachievable targets and fail to sign them, even though Nuno might not have the slightest wish to. We are only truly linked with a prospective player transfer when Wolves actually say so, and they never do.

30 Jul 2018 22:57:57
Oh and one other thing sorry. I don't think we are "embarrassing ourselves" by putting an offer in for a player and testing the water. Just because a player has a release clause does not mean you HAVE to pay that price. It's called negotiating. What would be embarrassing however, would be to just pay whatever any club wanted for a player and waste money on over inflated prices. Just an opinion.

30 Jul 2018 23:35:29
we was the best team last year no fulham omg man. well said jas. new players on therw back allready after a hour play damm.

30 Jul 2018 23:38:45
Mawson is over-rated, doubtful he would have been an upgrade for us.

30 Jul 2018 22:14:10
Sorry but am I really reading some of the above comments? Respect the fact people have their opinions and have a right to share their views. but really? How many people had heard of some of our 'star' players before we signed them? Neves? Jota? Costa? Yet look how they turned out. How many would have been that bothered a year ago if Coady had left? People are saying we've only signed players who we already had last season? Erm. News flash. they were not our players they were on loan, so yes it's great business by the club. The same people going on about Fulham spending 28m on mitrovic. erm. News flash. he was there last season. on loan. It's exactly the same thing yet it's deemed not good enough? As for our other signings. Well I could never have dreamt of signing the calibre of player like Patricio (top 10 world's best keepers), and Moutiniho whos world class. As mentioned by somebody else above, I can't judge Jiminez and Jonny yet, but one is a Mexico international who's played in the world cup and the other has just been purchased by Atletico Madrid on a long term contract. That's more than good enough for me. We look like getting at least 2 more signings in before the window closes too. I remember a few seasons ago when QPR spent a ton and bought loads of top household names in. And got relegated, and look at them now. Quality over quantity. And it isn't the money spent either. Moutiniho for £5m? Absolute steal in today's market. I think we have done great business in all honesty and I continue to trust in Nuno and the board and am personally looking forward to the ride ahead. Anybody who isn't maybe they should get off now instead of rocking the boat. #TogetherWeAreStronger🐺.

30 Jul 2018 23:23:29
They've still got over a week left yet, but as it stands at the moment I'm underwhelmed. But still plenty of time to put it right. 👍.

30 Jul 2018 23:50:59
Its so pathetic reading comments from the “look at what they’ve got” fraternity . as though because we haven't its embarassing as we should be buying these players . people saying they are realists.

They will never be satisfied.

No point writing on here when the mood has become so low .

31 Jul 2018 06:04:26
Shamus50 would prefer you to keep posting as like reading your posts. I feel the same as you many times on here, never sure whether some are wolves or not.
Anyway I am happy as larry and looking fwd to the new season.

31 Jul 2018 09:06:46
Wolves are not throwing money around like everyone expects. Some real bargains this window. Wolves are playing the waiting game with Traore.

Yes he has a clause, but doesn’t mean we have to pay it. Wolves would value Traore around the £13m mark. Same as they paid for Jota (From A. Madrid) and Costa (From Benfica) .

Traore is a raw talent but not worth more than our top scorer Jota. I know different positions but would we break our transfer record and pay more than we did for Neves. Who is Champions League pedigree.

Wolves have been bidding away, testing the water. Longer Boro wait the more chance they lose out on other targets or they run out of time to buy a replacement. Remember that Boro need to get promotion this season or it will get harder each year with parachute payments and the financial gap widening.

Wolves know what they’re doing. If it’s August 9th and no bid has been accepted they will meet the clause if they have to. We already have 3 talented forwards to choose from. Not a priority.

31 Jul 2018 14:50:49
Wolves have top scouts who have decided that he is not worth what the release clause is set at. That is why it is set so high - so teams do not come in and match it, taking away control of the team that owns the player's rights.
Wolves have chosen to offer an amount they feel the player is worth, just like normal trade deals.
It is up to them whether or not they accept it and if not, Wolves can always go back with a higher offer.

31 Jul 2018 16:39:30
Wolves are handling this the right way.

31 Jul 2018 21:06:58
The Realist- oh thank goodness for that, I was starting to wonder if the team was good enough but knowing that you think its not is like a guiding light to show that it will be! Considering your track record on the predictions on here; I mean this time last year you were telling everyone how Villa would smash the league cause of there champ talent and we'd do well to get in the playoffs! In fact you seem to have only just decided that the coast is clear to resurface after spending most of the last season telling us all how the wheels were going to come off any minute, well how accurate was that assessment?!
Then the latest blinding comments of which virtually ALL are incorrect! So how exactly were Fulham the best team from Jan considering they took second place twice and still had to rely on the playoffs?! They managed to limbo under a VERY average Cardiff team (who worked there socks off by the way) whereas Fulham bottled it whenever they had the chance to challenge the auto spots! Then there's the 'outspent' comment before signing Mawson (which is where you have called it from) Fulham approx spend: £46m Wolves approx spend: £50m?! Even with Fulhams latest signing they are still only on £60m, which frankly with the window still open means nothing! Especially when you consider that we probs got Jota, Neves, Moutinho, Cav all for about half of their current value! Add to this that £22m of what Fulham have spent is on Mitrovic who frankly is no better than Leo he's just cost them four times as much! Also who's 'linking us with players we have no hopes on signing' uh mostly numpties on here (please see Martial and Rashford rumours) so not sure how that ones on the club?!
Overall from what I've seen you chat fluent nonsense and so far have not called a single step that Fosun have made accurately! In fact you have spent SO long talking your brand of 'realism' that it seems you've hardly got to enjoy the REAL Wolves at all over the last 18 months?! Being realistic is fine but that's not what you are doing else you would reflect on the great work that's been done (which I have NEVER seen mentioned in a single one of your posts) . No what you do is constantly moan/ make negative comments just for the sake of it well frankly that has nothing to do with realism in fact its somewhere between trolling and plain tedious! Especially when you just disappear for three months when Fosun/ Nuno prove you ENTIRELY wrong! If we have to read this nonsense at least have the decency to hang about and tuck into some humble pie come the end of the the season this time, eh?! COYW.

{Ed025's Note - i really enjoyed that post bullys...kudos mate..

31 Jul 2018 22:47:49
Ed025- Cheers fella, I just hate it when some select posters (and it is the 'few' in fairness) ONLY focus on what the clubs not doing rather than what it has done! COYW ;)



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