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28 Jul 2018 23:03:06
My contact who let slip the information about Douglas having the bust up with Nuno has informed me that we are in 'advanced talks' with Diogo Figueiras, a RB/ RWB who plays for Braga. Will be seen as competition for Doherty. Deal will be in place before the Everton game.

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29 Jul 2018 02:02:35
Do you know what the boat up was over?

29 Jul 2018 07:29:11
Is Bonatini an upgrade on Afobe? no!
Is Jonny an upgrade on Barry? no!

29 Jul 2018 08:26:42
2 weeks left we have to believe players are coming in.

I agree Bonatini is not an upgrade on Afobe.

We shall see come deadline day whether letting him go to stoke might have been risky.

Early days for Jonny. He has the pedigree.

29 Jul 2018 09:45:06
Jonny doesn’t score goals / assists like Barry - important when we don’t have a prolific striker. He’s also mostly right footed. I’m concerned.

29 Jul 2018 10:22:53
What happened to in nuno we trust.

29 Jul 2018 10:35:07
Centre back

Right wing back

Central midfielder

Wide attacker


The five positions where I believe we need to strengthen with centre back and striker being the two most urgent.


29 Jul 2018 10:38:34
North Bank, the primary job for a defender is to defend, we have plenty of creativity in the squad. Jonny is better defensively than Douglas. Although Douglas was superb last season you can’t be sentimental in football, and Fosun are showing they mean business by making the hard decisions. Overall Douglas looked poor against quicker trickier wingers, a lot more of those are about in the premier league than the championship. I like Douglas a lot but if there’s a better player available you have to go for it, also Douglas was in the last year of his contract, he’s 29 and we have made between 2 and 4 million profit. Good business imo.

29 Jul 2018 10:40:51
Barry Douglas, your a top man! You should never have been let go. Thanks for all your effort last season. You will be missed and I’m certain it will be realised as the season progresses! Good luck at Leeds. Just wish you were still with us! ⚽️😉👍.

29 Jul 2018 11:41:31
Let's put this to bed once and for all, Douglas was fantastic for us last year no doubt especially from set pieces.
He will always be fondly remembered, but defensively on numerous occasions was caught out, the times last season I used to say to my son " Bazza's been done there" I noticed happened quite a few times.
So what I'm sayin is deadball situations fantastic, but defensively got caught out.
The Prem. is going to be a whole new ball game and we're going to need upgrades still in my opinion for competition to keep players at it week in week out.
Yes it was a shock about Douglas,
but are fans really questioning Nuno and Fosun.
This ain't no "we're happy to be in the Prem. " Scenario for Nuno and Fosun
They want much more.
To get to the summit, you have to go through a lot of pain.

29 Jul 2018 11:00:49
Bonatini definitely a waste of money and if Jonny is going to make it at wolves it won't be as a left back. Hopefully people are right and there's a minimum 3 or 4 incomin. 👍.

29 Jul 2018 11:28:30
I agree with NB62, we seem to be not addressing the weak areas of the team Rwb striker/ goal scorer. I am worried that what I have seen preseason we will be in a relegation fight. I hope we can bring in some quality to strengthen the squad.

29 Jul 2018 11:40:59
3 or 4 additions needed, Bonatini not good enough and Jonny isn't a left back.

29 Jul 2018 11:41:19
We do trust Nuno but just helpin him out! Bonatini is a waste of money and Jonny isn't a left back.

29 Jul 2018 12:06:54
Paul, Jonnys primary position is a Left back so I have to disagree with you there. He's played 90% of his professional career there so he is a Left back.

29 Jul 2018 12:36:59
He needs more time to absorb Nunos ideas.

29 Jul 2018 13:11:52
Yes jas 90% a LB, playing as LB when having LM in front of you is completely different to playing as LWB when you have to creative side of things, Jonny yes okay he can beat a player but he has no left foot but also doesn’t know how to create chances as he’s not used to being that type player for him to work in my opinion as a wing back he needs to be used on his natural side which is the right playing as LWB is basically playing him out of position as he’s never played there before and isn’t that type of player and we need to go sign a natural LWB someone like plattenhardt who’s available for about 12-15m and stick Jonny on his natural side so he can actually get used to playing there.

29 Jul 2018 13:20:15
Selling Douglas was still a strange decision as he would have been a solid option as back up if nothing else, especially for the sake of a couple of million. A right footed left back just doesn't suit counter attacking quick football.

29 Jul 2018 13:30:46
Jesus Christ, one pre-season loss and it goes into chaos🤦‍♂️ We saw Afobe in the prem with a decent team around him, so Bonantini could be better then him. And I bet none of you have seen Jonny accept from yesterday where he’s only had a few training sessions. Douglas was class, but I’m the championship, Nuno was right to have concerns about his defensive capabilities. To be a wing back you need to as good defensively as attackly.

29 Jul 2018 14:13:48
Some hypocrisy in your comments Bridgo, Douglas was class but in the Championship, Bonatini could be better than Adobe! We saw Bonatini in the Championship had a great first half of the season., but we all know about the second. At the end of the day Nuno gets paid to make the decisions and I personally would like to have seen Douglas given the same opportunity as Bonatini will get to play in the Premier League. Time will tell as to how it works out but I have no doubt that Nuno has other irons in the fire and will make changes if needed.

29 Jul 2018 14:14:31
some of so called fans are a bloody joke. not kick a ball in prem yet. just like what I read when we signed baza' who his he never heard of him. never played in championship never mind div 1.hes going to be crap. jots who' boly who. ect.2 players land in the uk mid week. played 45 mins and your on there backs man please go away from wolves.3 year plan did it in 2.10 years plan and like I say not kicked a ball in prem yet.

29 Jul 2018 14:24:19
Well he looked out of place yesterday, hope he can fit in there if Nuno wants him to play there? I have my doubts, really hope I'm proved wrong Jas 👍.

29 Jul 2018 14:24:20
All this about Wing backs and people knowing better than Nuno. Can I point our that before last season, Vinagre, Douglas and Doherty were the old fashioned full backs. Nuno changed them into Wing backs and was successful. Let's see what he can do with Castro before passing judgement.

29 Jul 2018 15:07:04
Sorry, but when Bonatini plays it’s like we are down to 10 men.
On the Douglas issue, he was a candidate for player of year last season. Even, and I say even if Jonny is better defensively would we not want to keep DOUGLAS - two for each position etc. In my opinion you have to go back to Bobby Thomson and Derek Parkin to find a wing back as good as Douglas. As for the fee, £3m - £10 more appropriate.

I expect that it comes down to an issue between DOUGLAS and the manager, same with Afobe. So who’s next Cav?

29 Jul 2018 15:25:20
North bank62, you're right, we do need 2 for each position, hence why we've signed Ruben Vinagre.

29 Jul 2018 17:23:50
But this guy only scored 1 goal, last season. How can we put faith in him?

29 Jul 2018 17:38:33
Douglas was released because of Disciplinary reasons not Footballing reasons. he did his job last season for us but he's gone because of his Attitude, Nuno and Fosun made the choice to Get Rid because of it.



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