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21 Jan 2018 21:45:19
Rumours are we are looking to bring Afobe back to the molineux.

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21 Jan 2018 22:12:08
Just lazy journos me thinks, they did it last window as well. I REALLY hope its not true, one goal all season. hardly prolific right now is he!

21 Jan 2018 22:36:45
This rumour crops up everytime, we don't want him had a bad attitude and couldn't wait to leave.

21 Jan 2018 22:41:00
Albion fan.

21 Jan 2018 23:37:37
Why all the negativity regarding Afobe, the only reason he felt he had to leave us was because the 2 Ms promised him we wouldn't sell Sako then did sell him, then promised we'd replace Sako and never did.
Do people forget how dissapointed most of us were when Afobe left.
His scoring record was excellent and anyone who thinks he wouldn't get the goals to get us promoted is deluded.

Ok so it hasn't worked out at Bournemouth, but right now we need a poacher in the box.
In this day and age £10m. is a snip compared to the £130m. we'll get when promoted.
We all can see our goals have dried up all of a sudden, is anyone better out there really, Afobe Olievira. Gayle any 2 of these please. 😇🙏.

22 Jan 2018 00:01:16
It’s a tough one Dave!

2 of the 3 would unbalance the squad.
2 of the 3 have reportedly had attitude issues
3 of 3 will cost more than 10m or there abouts
1 of 3 is a similar player to Leo

I’d go for Afobe I think he has something to prove and I think circumstances weren’t great with Moxey and Morgan at the time. Plus he would have a sell on value especially if he scores those important goals to get us promoted.

Improved wing backs and a midfielder that can drive forward so Afobe or Leo can drop off and look for through ball.

22 Jan 2018 00:05:30
Plus wolves were after Afobe on deadline day for 15m.

22 Jan 2018 00:39:58
Attacking mid fielder required. Saiss and Neves are defensive mid fielders.

22 Jan 2018 10:25:14
Dave- I'm not deluded, just watched him since he's left our place and he's been found out as bang average, simple as that! 1 goal in the League cup all season (6 in the League over 48 matches since he arrived) and you think he's worth the £10m Bournemouth will want for him. and I'M deluded?!
Also your point seems to be 'just pay the money as his goals will get us up' but then so would Grabbans, so would Martin to a lesser extent. My point is as with all three of those players why spend good money on a permanent signing when you know that in six months time he will most likely be out of his depth again?! You ask the Bournemouth fans what they think of Benik and I can tell you now the response will generally be 'distinctly average'.
People seem to think that its a choice between Benik or no one that can score at this level and that's just nonsense. I would MUCH sooner us spend such a sizable sum on a striker that still could potentially be up to the Prem, rather than one which we have all seen is clearly not up to it! Also why do peeps think he would even want to come back? You can say the usual blurb about broken promises all you want (not an excuse for walking round in sulk for 3 months) but fact is he couldn't get out of the city fast enough so seems like a MASSIVE assumption on our part that he would want to come back down to the Champ with his tail between his legs!

22 Jan 2018 12:27:54
Billy’sboy your correct on a few things but I think Afobe was the scapegoat for bad management at the time. Sako was leaving for the money regardless. We as fans were promised a replacement but got league 1 standard players in. Also it is ridiculous to say you wouldn’t spend 10-15m on any of the strikers if we had all that comes with the prem and the potential to make a name for ourselves again. Afobe isn’t a world class striker but if he’s willing to come back and contribute and work to score goals and be another source of strength then I’m more that happy for him to be with us.

22 Jan 2018 13:07:30
Anew- I would be more than happy if we got him in on loan but just don't see the point in signing someone who we know isn't up to the next level (we did that with Clarke and it just becomes a stone around ya neck) . And for me what is ridiculous is to say that paying £10+ for a player that has scored one goal all season, against a second string Boro team is good business! Tell me this anew had he never played for us what do you think peeps would be saying about spending that kind of money on a player that has scored just 6 league goals in the last two years?! This is just like an ex girlfriend, where peeps stick on rose tinted specs and only remember the good stuff. Forgetting that the reason he's struggling in the Prem is because he has ALWAYS lacked composure!
Also we all know how it went down, we were all there but why in these the situations is it everyone but the players fault?! Its just so easy to blame the management and absolve Benik. but how about we boil it down to brass tax. he threw his toys out of the pram because we turned down a bid for him less than six months after signing him! People blame Sako leaving but do you REALLY believe that had Sako stayed and Bournemouth still came in for Benik then he wouldn't have reacted the same way. c'mon let be realistic! He saw us as a stepping stone end of, which is fine but let's not dress it up as anything else please. I also love how peeps claim promises were made to the lad when the truth is NONE of us have a clue how that went down. What we DO know though is that his head was turned in the first transfer window he was at the club and from then on he sulked around the pitch, walking for three months! I remember the game against Brum, where he just walked around throwing his arms in the air until finally subbed! Of course I want another striker that can score at this level but as I've said before with the new links we have (Mendes) wouldn't it be nice for the club to finally look forward. instead of constantly looking back? COYW.

22 Jan 2018 15:29:21
If you think about what nuno has done to the players who were in the squad last year like cavaliero and coady who were pretty average last year he’s turned them into two of the better players in the team so what’s to say he wouldn’t be able to do that with Afobe and get him back into the form he had the first time round and maybe even better.

22 Jan 2018 16:31:42
Ben- but why bother. why are we SO stuck on Afobe cause I can guarantee you he hasn't given us a second thought since he left?! There are SO many other options out there, with the possibility of more potiential with the added bonus that they haven't got a rocky history with the club. Besides Howes a pretty decent manager and Wengers not bad either mind. both have failed to improve Afobe. at what point do peeps just accept that he's just a limited player and its time to move on?
Academic either way for me as I just don't believe the player himself would have even the slightest interest in returning. Not to mention the fact that the signing would entirely fly in the face of our transfer policy up to this point, we haven't paid a fee for a domestic player since Marshall a year back and even then it was clearly Lamberts choice. Honestly don't see this as anything but lazy journos. but then admittedly I (like everyone else) know nothing of what's actually goings on transfer wise. Time will tell COYW.

22 Jan 2018 16:46:42
As I said yesterday we need to aim higher than Afobe Nuno has stated that if we bring in players either equal quality like neves jota or better it's got to benefit the team surely mendes can work his magic.

22 Jan 2018 20:47:27
Essex wolf and bullysboy I agree we should aim higher but who is going to come for 6 months in a World Cup year?
It’s not as easy as to say come to wolves we should be promoted and we are loaded and we can make all your dreams come true. Also Nuno has to settle the squad and keep the pack spirit. silva and Oliveira are probably looking at the prem and World Cup hopes as both have apps for Portugal. Then you have soares who is playing in a Porto side that’s still in the champions league. then we are left with some usual suspects in the league Martin, Afobe, grabban, Gayle etc etc they are all not good enough for the prem that’s for sure as you are against world class players in that league.
How many more Leo Bonatinis are there? Not many but some fans still want to get rid remember he had no preseason and he has killed himself for the wolves and gave everything. He’s not even an out and out striker. Then the fans question a football training camp in Spain haha 9 points clear let them get on with. COYW
I trust Nuno is how I’m going to leave this debate.

22 Jan 2018 22:24:28
New- as usual fella overall I agree with your thinking, just don't rate Benik that highly if honest. And it seems many at this club stick him on a pedestal after what was simply a decent 9 months (Ebanks Blake had a better strike rate at this level I might point out and see where he is now) .
As for suggestions well (and I know its a cop out) but frankly that's not our job! let's be honest how many of us had Jota, Boly or Leo on the radar before they pitched up? I agree that those likely to come won't be Prem standard so I would much sooner us sign Grabban (or even Benik) on loan (would probs take a decent monthly fee to get it over the line but still cheaper than £10m) .
Like I say though for the most part I agree with you, especially on the Leo stuff as I think some of the fans have had a VERY short memory there and the lad clearly is knackered! Haha, 9 points clear. I'd take a crisis like that ANY day! In Nuno we trust, COYW! ;)

23 Jan 2018 11:11:37
Struggling to score goals - let a real talent like Zyro go out on loan? Nuno = Bozo: he screwed-up at Valencia - will do the same at Wolves. Buying back Afobe? A two-bob rocket who is way past his best - not good enough for relegation-bound Bournemouth. Buying Premiership rejects is the way to obscurity - look at 2002. Play-off loss beckons. The nearly men - again.

23 Jan 2018 14:07:27
Wobbly- I've told you before to pass it on the left as its clearly too strong for you! Abusing what seems to be the most talented manager we've had at the club for about a decade. classy! Also do ya homework 'screwed up at Valencia' he finished fourth and they had the best defensive record in the league! If the fans hadn't turned on the owners he would have probs gone on for a few seasons there! As for the rest well that's your opinion. I mean its pure nonsense. but everyone's allowed an opinion!

23 Jan 2018 17:02:53
Cheers bullysboy I agree with a lot of what you say. Just the business part that I think we have different views on. I think we’ll end up paying out for Afobe because he’s proven at this level (a goal every two games would see us promoted) and his wages would be less that what the players that we would but in the ‘aiming higher bracket’ but I do hope they can pull off a coup. The problem is that every club will be ready for us now. COYW



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