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07 Dec 2018 11:12:37
I said it before and I will say it again now, ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! ;) I am of course mostly joking but I can't help but feel that the current run highlights the problem for the majority of our fans. The Editor summed it up perfectly (to be fair to him BEFORE the Chelsea game) the problem isn't the performance it is the entirely UNREALISTIC expectation for performance! I spent ALL summer on here shooting fans down and saying that a top 8 expectation for a newly promoted team is frankly a nonsense. Doesn't matter who you have backing you or where you come from this league takes no prisoners.

By the by I feel I should point out that this HONESTLY isn't aimed at the moaners, for example Mr Tamworth you give EVERYTHING for this team so please believe me I'm honestly NOT doubting your good intentions. But all I was saying ALL summer is that if we have unrealistic expectation all that can possibly lead to is calling for Nunos head come Jan (as it turns out for some we didn't even make it till Jan;). I'm pleased to see that when it happened the Ed RIGHTLY pointed out how lucky we are to have Nuno. Again not having a go here but I saw a post threatening Lopetgui (before the win) and I just sit here thinking . to what end?! Where does the madness stop?

We had one bad run (that incidentally was also Nunos personal worst run) and peeps were already calling for the mans head but I ask you where does that lead? My worry is that it leads to a Jan appointment of an Allardyce esq manager and an acceptance of a relegation battle! Just look at Southampton, they have bounced from average manager to average manager because of crazy expectation!

I suppose what I'm saying here is that I HONESTLY know that we all LOVE the team and that its ALWAYS from the right place but c'mon guys let's give Nuno and the players a chance by standing by um! Fergy was famously one result away from the sack the season before they won the league and look where keeping the faith got United!

I'm not asking for blind faith and (as I've said before) had we been around relegation come Jan then I would have understood the tone on here but at the time we were 12th! How many times has this club been in 12th in the Prem, WELL clear of relegation and still talking (albeit quietly) about a new manager? The point is (even if it is long-winded;) that we shouldn't hold Nuno responsible if we have unrealistic expectations. This is our first season back in the big time for six years and when we were here before we were ONLY ever looked at the bottom half of the table!

All I'm saying is that as fans of the a club we would do well to keep reminding ourselves of where we have come from and what we have ALL been through to get here! Cause (for me) being realistic to our current challenge is the ONLY way we can 'stay the course' and walk that (well worn) path to the HUGE potential this team may have! COYW ;)

P.S. - Paul T, couldn't agree with more with your original post, same again plus Neves please ;)

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07 Dec 2018 11:36:13
Bullysboy that message is of encyclopaedia proportions! But I get the drift, have patience and keep your expectations realistic. 👍 Newcastle 0 Wolves 8 or sack Nuno! 😂.

07 Dec 2018 12:01:02
17th or above plain and simple!

07 Dec 2018 13:43:59
17th or above will do me this season, would love a top 10 position though.

07 Dec 2018 18:09:47
What's the panic it's a slow burn. COYW.

07 Dec 2018 19:13:05
Haha, fair play PT that made me giggle! ;) Also apologies gents as I wrote this upon my return from the public house last night after 1 or 2 shandies (cough 5/ 6 cough)! Anyway I still meant the point but re-reading its pretty long/ tedious not to mention a bit ranty so yeah sorry for one;)
I'll try and avoid posting after a couple in the future! Mind you quite amazed I manged to string that much together considering! COYW ;)

08 Dec 2018 07:07:45
That's why we love the game. Why we love our wolves. A big wheel ride would be boring if it didn't go round. And, of course we love the banter on the way.



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