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01 Dec 2018 10:12:12
I admire Nuno's principles but refusing to temporarily adjust his tactics to meet the needs of the club is asking to get your p45.
I cannot see where we are going to get any points this year as he blindly insists o
n sticking to His formation.
So can we get odds on Lopetigui being our new manager for 2019?

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01 Dec 2018 11:40:32
His stubbornness will cost him his job and us points. Or has he only got one plan?

01 Dec 2018 11:56:40
Totally agree Paul T, so far he is showing he only has one plan and that is not good for a potentially successful manager in the making.
Adapt or we are doomed
BTW Paul how can I get odds on Lopetigui becoming out next manager its worth a £10 bet in my view.

01 Dec 2018 12:34:03
Just been on s-y bet and their offerin 8/ 1 on Nuno bein next prem manager sacked? Second favourite behind mark Hughes. Can't see any bettin on that site for a new manager. Sorry.

01 Dec 2018 12:45:04
Have to agree with you PT as much as I love Nuno he is costing us by not changing his tactics, sometimes even a simple 442 would be enough but he seems determined on his current tactics which isn't working anymore as we've been found out.
Let's not turn on the team or manager though guys it is frustrating and annoying but we are the pack.

{Ed025's Note - well pack it in.. :)

01 Dec 2018 12:54:15
I don’t post on here that frequently but always like to read everyone’s comments
So my thought if you look back we weren’t great last season from December we need a plan b and c but Nuno as much as he’s a great guy needs to be more flexible with his approach when games aren’t working with the current formation but when he says I’m not changing every team nows what’s coming my team for yesterday would have been
Bennet coady Boly
Doc Neves. Moutinio vinagre
Jota Raul.

01 Dec 2018 12:56:20
Only way Nuno will be sacked is if we are relegated. We won't be so Nuno is here for the long term.

01 Dec 2018 15:40:49
Fosun plans are to big to risk a relegation, we need to start winnin soon or he will get the bullet. Remember the Spanish guy who we went for first off is available? Pressure on Nuno!

01 Dec 2018 17:02:17
Yes Paul that is Lopetigui the one I am hunting for odds on taking over from Nuno if results do not change
Fosun will not mess about.

01 Dec 2018 17:23:16
I've already taken the 8's on offer. Can't see a way out of this rut. This is not a blip, it's a slide with nowhere to get off. A team with no confidence and no direction.

01 Dec 2018 18:36:52
Nuno is 1 year ahead of schedule. The plan was to get promotion THIS season. The 1st season in the PL is a season of adjustment and finding our feet. Fosun are not expecting a title push. They want to make sure we survive first and see where we need to improve. I cannot believe that some on here have turned on Nuno when we're 12th yes 12th in the table.

01 Dec 2018 19:39:27
I agree Jas, a sense of perspective is needed. Yes, its a worrying run of results and the last couple of performances have been well below what we have come to expect but it was always going to happen at some point. The Prem is tough, not a cakewalk. We need to stay fully behind Nuno and the team.

01 Dec 2018 21:03:33
I'm behind them a million percent when I'm at the games, but on here you have to say it as u see it. One point out the last 18 isn't good enough, Nuno needs to learn a plan b and c, as his tactics aren't workin or has he lost the players as their definitely under achieving! Hopefully things buck up soon or Nuno will be gone.

01 Dec 2018 21:04:57
Jas M and Statto Wolf, I think you are missing the point. Every fan loves what Nuno has done for us but only a blind man and Nuno couldn't see what needed doing against Huddersfield and Cardiff. It was a basic shift of formation and we wouldn't be over run in the middle. It is unfortunately inevitable that if he doesn't adapt he will be sacked or we will be relegated again. No one is turning against the team, people are just expressing concern as there is plenty at the moment.

01 Dec 2018 21:36:05
Guys I an also behind Nuno and the team 1 trillion % I will never vocally criticise either ever.
BUT please understand if Nuno does not find a solution to this issue then I genuinely believe he will be for the chop.
I have supported WWFC for over 60+ years and Nuno has brought ous some of the best football I have seen, I don't want him to go, but that completely wrests with him.

01 Dec 2018 21:43:22
Camo, I think Nuno is aware of what is going on. The bigger teams don't change their tactics when they play is allowing us to play our way. The likes of Huddesfield and Brighton will change their tactics game by game. It is these games that Nuno needs to look at.

01 Dec 2018 23:15:43
Totally agree Jas.

01 Dec 2018 23:27:07
Jas M, The point is he doesn't change. Huddersfield and Cardiff both harassed us and out numbered us, which the top teams don't do. Nuno needs to recognise change is needed. Take Cardiff, even if he didn't change the system surely he could see Traore and Costa were doing nothing and could have cone off after half an hour. He is too Stubborn, which is such a shame.

02 Dec 2018 00:40:03
Camo, no he doesn't. Nuno plays a certain way and it had proved successful in the past. Teams may have sussed us out but why change to a system that the players ain't used to. True, we need a plan B but this season us about survival. Anyone who thought we would come up an challenge for the European places was living in cloud cuckoo land. We won't be in a relegation fight as Fosun will buy in January but the players bought in will be loan players unless the right one is available. This is a long term project. Fosun will not accept failure but they will not dispense with Nuno unless we're in real danger if going down.

02 Dec 2018 08:29:22
Jas M I agree about fans thinking Europe, it was utter madness. The system has not always worked in the past which is the worry. Villa, Fulham and Cardiff away all poor games for us (let's face it Cardiff was a lucky win) . They had us sussed and were good enough to carry it out. It doesn't matter who we buy if our manager is stubborn in games we need a change. Take his purchase of Bonatini, I am sure no one else thought what a great piece of business. Let's just hope we can get back into playing better.

02 Dec 2018 09:08:30
Has my point about changing tactics is the point that his system needs tweeking for certain games not scrapping it. That is what I mean about changing.
He can keep his system, but take the Udders game, the fullback's could have been moved into midfield to bolster it. Plus just as a one off get Coast to step up to CDM to add the missing muscle to Nerves and Moutinho. Give them a chance to play call this plan B if you like)
Next match revert to plan A
I am not saying scrap his system just make it better by being adaptable when needed.

02 Dec 2018 11:00:58
Camo etc. Teams are changing there tactics against Wolves this season. There was confusion amongst the Cardiff fans on Friday as they are used to playing 4411 but changed to a 352 to stifle us. The same thing happened against Huddersfield. Man City, Spurs, Arsenal and Man Utd didn't change their formations when they faced us. It is against the smaller clubs that Nuno needs a plan B and C as the objective is to stop us and hit us on the counter. Last season we were unstoppable but unless we steam roller the opposition early on, they are set up to nullify our game.

02 Dec 2018 17:46:02
Mini please put another player in mid field. Getting over run every game. Options are limited to Morgan G W.



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