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12 Jul 2018 16:08:03
I have seen some worrying online about the sporting complaint to fifa which I think someone says they are investigating which they have to cause they did when EFL clubs made a complaint against us and we won that and will win this one because I can't see how we are at fault they said that we tapped him up and basically made him terminate his contract because our links with mendes and forgetting that the real reason was because of the attack and BDC punishing them and not supporting them in anyway and that patricio also said that's one of the reasons he left because he didn't feel safe anymore also them wanting us banned is weird because i'm pretty certain that a club can't tell fifa how to punish a team that decision is for fifa and fifa alone to decide but I do agree with someone that its a scare tactic because they wanted around 30-35million not the 18 million I think we are willing to give them so let's just hope this is tied up quickly and they take the 18 million compensation and f*ck off.

What do others think on this whole mess that's happening.

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12 Jul 2018 18:57:06
The more punishment they suggest the more likely something will be awarded to them, most probably financial. That, we can live with.
What case they are presenting is unknown to us at present but I'm sure we will be represented accordingly. I just hope the possible out come isn't hindering our financial dealings in transfer market until it's known.

12 Jul 2018 20:05:43
I say let them try and have their day in court and get awarded very little. At no point during negotiations with Sporting was it suggested we were going to pay anything like the figures being now quoted as his release clause. Sporting would have to provide evidence to prove otherwise in order to get a higher figure than the €18m as reported.

The amount being claimed for 2 years wages is rubbish - unless they paid out Patricio's contract when he rescinded it (which isn't likely to have happened) then it is not a loss that they have incurred, so has no legal basis.

The only implication that I can see is regards our relationship with Mendes. They allege that Wolves, through Mendes, have put pressure on Patricio to rescind his contract when we were going to walk away from negotiations. Mendes, purely as his agent, may have done do in order to do the best thing for Patricio or Gestifute. If this was any other agent, I doubt much would have been made of it but as it is Mendes and Wolves involved, all sort of assumptions are being made, rightly or wrongly.

I doubt Wolves have anything to worry about from a legal standpoint and my opinion is that the worst we shall have to pay is the originally agreed €18m. But, I would expect further scrutiny around the club and Mendes.

Regarding Sporting asking for Patricio to be banned and for a transfer embargo to be placed on Wolves, Sporting have no place to ask for such sanctions. I would be surprised if Fifa would take too kindly to being told what sanctions they ought to impose. As I posted yesterday, this smacks of desperation on Sportings part - asking for severe sanctions as a tactic to get a higher compensation amount than they are entitled to.



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