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30 May 2018 18:34:56
John Terry leaves Villa, lol. well that went well for em😀.
This is a sign of things to come for our brummie friends.
Can't say I care about em, they gave it the big un all season makin us feel inferior to em, well guess who's laughin now,
Nigel Kennedy, Prince William, Mark Regan, Paul Franks, & most of all that Johnny Vegas lookalike Allan off the WM phone.
Your boys took one hell of a beating.
Meanwhile over at WV1😀🎈🎆👍.

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30 May 2018 18:56:44
The season is now over so I really ain't bothered about Villa, who they sign or who they play. Each team finished the season where they deserved to finish. If Villa feel the need to belittle others then let them as it shows how pathetic they are.

30 May 2018 20:02:13
Now the mad doctor xia as posted a statement saying they really are screwed in so many words.
Saying there will have to be a change in direction, & players will have to be sold.
Talk about how much one game can alter things, Villa fans not happy saying the playoff game was the most important game in their history.
This could turn into another Leeds or Sunderland. They really are up the creek without a paddle. 😀.

30 May 2018 20:45:57
The Villa have always been like the school bully thinking there better than anyone else, bigger than anyone else, pickin on other clubs misfortune especially concerning Wolves sayin we are nothin compared to them.
So stuff em, give it to em as much as you can, believe me if the shoe were on the other foot imagine them.
Its called rivalry and yes until this season had no problem with em.
Think back to all them snide remarks about us, let's see where Wolves are when the yellow ball comes out.
Tryin to get us points deduction cryin to the football league about uncle Jorge.
Oh and let's not forget their cup final the 4-1,we're comin for ya Wolves🤔.
So maybe through my 55 years all I've ever heard is about how much bigger Villa are to us, & sayin we're a smalltime club.
Well stuff em, any chance you get ram it down their throats.
That famous Lion is no more than a pussycat (meow) .

There, glad that's off me chest, I've waited 55 years for this day. 😀

By the way Up The Wolves.

30 May 2018 20:54:17
Dingledave, just want to make one small comment on your post - Villa TRIED to make us feel inferior. I don't think they ever succeeded.

But, as you say Jas, who cares about them - take the moral high ground, don't gloat, and just forget about them. We have a new adventure to look forward to!

31 May 2018 01:10:02
As usual Stattos spot on! The more we talk about them the more we make them the bigger club far better just to leave them to there own demise and show a bit of class, otherwise we just take there place in the big I am stakes!
Remember when we got knocked out of the Euros and Wales were filmed celebrating just made them look like the smaller team, let's try not to make put ourselves in that space ;)



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