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17 Apr 2018 10:55:58
Come on now Wolves let us know about next years season tickets. Hopefully there will be some recognition for longstanding season ticket holders.

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17 Apr 2018 11:50:50
Not wanting to start a brawl but why should long serving season ticket holders get special treatment, I had a season ticket for 12 years but the previous 2 I could not due to work commitments, I am now in the position to have one again now why can't I and other new supporters have the same treatment, we all want the same things and that's to get as many people up there as possible, so why can't we all be treated the same.

17 Apr 2018 12:23:52
The can of worms has just opened! 🐺.

17 Apr 2018 12:24:57
Too right dearnwolf. I have been a season ticket holder for ten years now and no favouritism
You've either got one or not.

17 Apr 2018 12:49:37
Not wanting to open the can of worms but we need/ want as many people up there as possible, I've been going up through the good and bad, just because I haven't had one for a few years or someone is having one for the first time doesn't mean we should get charged extra.

17 Apr 2018 14:36:48
There’s a lot of rumours about the owners buying season tickets if you’ve had a season ticket over a certain period of time and if they do that fair play to them I don’t care if I miss out and I’ve had my season ticket for 12+ years I will renew mine as I support the team and I can honestly say this season has been great seeing the ground full but where was everybody in league 1?So maybe circumstances stopped some people going to games but some people only want to watch when we are in the premier league but want the same treatment as fans who have been there Through thick and thin doesn’t really seem like they have right to complain that they want this and that. I think every body should pay the same in each stand but people wanting stuff because we are in the premier league is laughable.

17 Apr 2018 16:19:37
I was there in league 1 whenever I could make never stopped supporting them because of bad times, and fair play to the owners if that's what they are planning on doing but I was replying to the fact the gent above was stating that they should be given some sort of discount rather than it being a gift of sorts for continued support. I've never stopped supporting them should I have a free ticket or season ticket. just because I haven't had a season ticket for a 2 years doesn't mean I'm not as much of a fan as you or anybody else.

17 Apr 2018 17:18:34
Simple. Season ticket holders get finst chance (so those who supported up front from seasons gone can get one and not now miss out to the premier league hijackers who'll have to wait.

17 Apr 2018 17:37:00
Isn't that the early bird.

17 Apr 2018 17:42:17
I’m not having a go at anybody I’m just stating that I’m my opinion each stand has it’s prices and everyone should pay the same even if there a new season ticket holder or they have had one for years but if they give a discount or even if true the owner buys them (which I can’t see happening) to people who have been for season after season then other fans can’t moan about it whatever happens with prices I hope they keep them realistic if they put them up and keep kids cheap as they are the future fans and will be great to have a full house every game.

17 Apr 2018 19:38:59
I have never had a season ticket but have been attending pretty regularly since November 1967. Reason no season ticket is in all that time I have lived in Rushden, Ireland, Ukraine, Cheltenham and Hucknall.
It's bloody hard for me to get a ticket for any game. Every game in my life has been an away game.
Even my partner flew in from Belarus to see us beat the Villa and Blues. She was buzzing.
Hopefully, I will still get a ticket for future games.
If we win the Premiership then, nobody will die happier than me.
Once a Wolf. ALWAYS A WOLF.

17 Apr 2018 20:11:39
Season tickets pricing the same for every one.



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