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28 Mar 2018 02:46:56
Absolutely destroyed I am at the minute, devestated ain't the word. Yesterday tea time my 14 month old staffy had to be put to sleep.
Mrs, stepdaughters and my two little boys are broken hearted.
My heart attack and operation I can take in my stride as you will see when I tell you what's happened since 2013.
My mom passed away, mother in law passed away, father in law diagnosed with cancer, I contracted miller fisher syndrome which nearly killed me - google it, I then contracted 2 year ago necrotising fascilitis - nearly died again - google that also,
Finally heart attack/ heart op,
im strong willed but everyone has a breaking point,
be blessed for what you have not what you think you need.

{Ed0333's Note - wow sounds like you and your family have been through the mill mate. I hope that you all have a healthier and happier futures. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you fella. I’m truly sorry to hear about your losses.

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28 Mar 2018 09:34:51
OOD, you have had one hell of a time mate - nobody should have to go through what you have.

I wish you and you family all the best, I hope that the grief eases and that your health improves. You clearly are a fighter! Just remember that you are not alone - you have the whole Wolf Pack with you to talk to and support you. We are always here to look after one of our own.

28 Mar 2018 10:01:46
StattoWolf 11 your kind words mean a lot mucka along with everyone elses.
Absolutely lost for words atm and numb with disbelief.

28 Mar 2018 10:34:16
Stay strong OOD, Statto speaks for us all mate.
We are all with you. One massive extended family.

Hope your luck changes mate and your health problems improve.

Take care buddy.

28 Mar 2018 11:03:36
Sorry to hear of your bad news and ill health OOD . Keep your chin up mate . Best wishes to you and your family .

28 Mar 2018 11:05:10
All the best OOD, keep the faith - at least the Wolves can help cheer you up.

28 Mar 2018 11:46:30
OOD, Sorry to hear of all the bad news you have add, and I can only wish you and your family all the best for the future because you deserve some luck after what you and family have gone through, hope Wolves can chear you up a little bit with a win at Boro.

28 Mar 2018 13:02:16
OOD, that's an incredible amount of harsh luck mate! Here's me crying in my beer over torn ankle ligaments, puts it into perspective, wishing you a speedy recovery. Best wishes to you and your family.

28 Mar 2018 13:13:21
Wise words ODD your last couple of sentence's, your an inspiration to people who think they can't go on when they have gone through a loss and ill health. your're a top bloke and i'm proud to support the same football team as a bloke like you. all the best.

28 Mar 2018 15:00:53
When is it going to stop ood? I hope life treats you and yours better from here on.

28 Mar 2018 15:09:24
WindowWolf I can't answer I can't answer that, when i'm famous maybe lol. couldn't resist that, more serious note mucka nothing will grind me down, I thank my lucky stars each day I wake, look at my boys and job done.

28 Mar 2018 19:56:20
You are an inspiration OOD. we all feel sorry and hard done by sometimes but what youve been through is beyond imagination. keep that OOD tag because some day one day there will be a glimmer of light. My heart is with you mate.

28 Mar 2018 20:46:34
I truly hope abbywolf that some positiveness come from my posts as I've never set out to say here look at me, only to hope that when anyone on here's feeling sorry for themselves they give their heads a wobble and man up. Glass looks better always half full.
Thats why nuno is so good at his job.

28 Mar 2018 21:32:15
Out of darkness, I'm sorry to hear of all the crap you've been through over the recent past. Hang in there mate. If you need any support, let me know as I can access support services if you need.

28 Mar 2018 22:59:17
thanks jas, the hospital said my doctor will be referring me to congenitive care and exercise sessions so all good thanks mate and because I work for royal mail work are good also .

{Ed003's Note - all the best ood.}



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