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10 Feb 2018 18:51:54
anybody still think afobe is good? slow poor first touch and worse in front of goal than bright enokbaire warmed up in a hat gloves and snood says a lot about the player poor poor poor hope leo gets well soon as benik sadly has no future in football rant over a great 3 points looking at other results the home stretch should be even better for us onwards and upwards COYW!

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10 Feb 2018 19:13:01
Blimey Billy give the guy a break, he needs a run of games, when he gets a start from the off that's when we'll see Benik at his best.
Thought he did ok when came on today ran at defenders, got into good positions, don't forget it must have been hard to come on the way we played 2nd half.
Think its out of order from you to be negative on Benik after 2 short substitute appearances.
Get behind the players hate it when what Wolves as a club has achieved this season and still people have got to come on here and moan about something.


10 Feb 2018 19:20:40
Christ slippers. give the bloke a break.

10 Feb 2018 19:33:30
always give a player a chance but give it until end of season and nuno will ship him back to bournemouth no doubt when a player comes out to warm up with a hat on I just don't think they are man enough for it!

10 Feb 2018 19:41:46
Hey guys, whilst I agree with Dave that the tone maybe could be a little more positive Billy equally you are just stating your opinion and there's nothing wrong with that. I would point out that actually the bottom line is we played like that for chunks of the first half but what changed things were the goals and there is no getting away from the fact that Benik missed a hat trick of chances out there today all of which would have put things to bed!

For me Benik looks to be exactly where you would expect him to be for a striker having the season he's having basically the guy looks bereft of confidence! And we can't be surprised there because that was giving him problems at the cherries so that ain't just going to change over night!

Also you have to say that there's no point saying 'wait till he's had a run' because at this stage in the season if he keeps coming on like that then he won't get a run as let's be realistic here Nuno owes the guy no loyalty. In fact when you see both Benik and Mir on the bench of the two you would probably say Mir is more Nunos signing, especially as he gave the lad his debut at Valencia!

Lets hope Benik can turn things around and bang in a couple in the next game but I have said all window that the guy lacks quality in the first touch and in his composure sadly both of those deficiencies cost us goals today, thank goodness we won anyway! COYW ;)

10 Feb 2018 19:53:20
fully agree bullys boy this stage of season we need a player that's going to put the ball in the net to be honest I hope benik does improve but for me he ain't got the hunger he had when he first came to wolves.

10 Feb 2018 20:14:59
Well put bullying boy. 100% agree.

10 Feb 2018 20:37:13
I think that Benik was very much a Thelwell signing and it will take him time to adapt, he needs to learn the nuno work ethic and with that he will gain time. He looks like he is so wound up to impress that he will relax when he scores. May take him a month to settle down.

the club will be looking at the balance of the squad as they need 8 home based players in the premier league squad so they will want players like Benik if they are to go for the superstars like Silva. At the moment we have Ruddy Doherty Douglas Coady Gibbs White NorrisHause Ennerbakrie Batth. How many of those would make a premier legaue squad 6?

Such a good win today.

10 Feb 2018 20:39:43
Really puzzled by the comments to be honest, Afobe has had a few minutes and managed to get in some good positions. He can build on that. let's not go back to being daft and getting on players backs for no reason please.

10 Feb 2018 22:01:01
Well said Mutiny, Beniks been here 1 week for gods sake what is wrong with people.
This time last week I bet these lot were all clapping and singing his name tut, tut.

10 Feb 2018 22:17:13
Couldn’t agree more Mutiny and will some of you please learn to spell OUR players names! It’s Enobakhare! Rant over as Slippers would say. If Afobe scores the goal to secure our passage to the top flight then I hope you eat humble pie so to speak. None of us knows what went on when Afobe left for certain other than he maybe wanted to better himself and test his abilities against the best the English leagues have to offer. He’s part of the pack now and needs our support! You’d have thought we were drawing 1-1 and he missed a sitter in the 90+ minute to win us the game the way Billys Slippers is ranting over there! Fans like you do me nut!

10 Feb 2018 22:20:14
Also Billy Slippers have you seen Leo Messi lately? Warms up in a snood and gloves! Tool.

10 Feb 2018 22:48:17
As I’ve already said many times on here. I’ve seen Benik at the vitality many times in the last two years and today was just more of the same. He’s lost his mojo! We have to give him some time and support to try and give him back that mojo! Running him down and not encouraging him isn’t going to help! Ask yourself in the same situation what would you want? Let’s try and help him sort his you know what out! We scraped home today thank goodness. Preston I’m thinking wouldn’t have let us get away with that, so let’s hope they click again next Saturday. Up the Wolves.

10 Feb 2018 22:49:27
We've just won the game 2-1. It don't matter who scores as long as we win. None of our recent goals have been scored by our dedicated strikers but we are still the top scorers in the league and 13 points clear. Let's just enjoy the ride.

11 Feb 2018 03:59:13
Agree with the general gist on here, hope no one was thinking I was getting on Afobes back because was just saying my assessment of the player. Mostly trying to defend him to be honest by pointing out that he's been low on confidence for a while so patience may be needed. Regardless as others say as long as he's a wolf I will always back any player!
Also have to agree with Jas sentiment, let's all REALLY try and enjoy the ride because we are smashing a league for the first and last time in what could be a good while!
One thing I would say though is let's be fair, peeps saying 'lets give Benik a chance' where also saying 'we need to sign a striker cause Leo and Mir ain't up to it'. Well Leo smashed the first half of the season before he got literally worn out! And Beniks now had around the same time in the league as Mir had but some were ready to write Mir off after a few sub appearances! I suppose my point was that Leos had earned some loyalty and two months ago Real wanted to get Mir! And all of that is academic because its currently Jotas place!
Think we can all agree if they wear old gold and are part of the pack then we back um, but let's remember that all round eh! COYW ;)

11 Feb 2018 08:54:32
The blokes being criticised for wearing a hat!
Come on!

11 Feb 2018 11:42:13
All this for and against Afobe. leave it out.
I sincerely believe it was a Thelwell signing. But the guy is brought in to do a job. Ok, he hasn't had much game time but look at the facts. how many chances does a striker need to hit the target let alone score? He is totally different to Leo in every aspect.
Benik is not a Nuno-style player and doesn't suit our system. I admit that I didn't want us to sign him, nor Sako either.
Look at his pay and a £1m loan fee.
I believe in the old adage that one should never go back.
Benik and Bakery both moved on. We got the best out of them. Palace and Bournemouth have wasted their money. We should be bettering ourselves.

It was a very good result yesterday even if the performance wasn't.
In 51 years going to the Molineux I have never seen a player light the place up like Reuben Neves. Pure genius!

11 Feb 2018 12:40:22
As previously stated, Afobe has a lot to do to earn a contract.
What I don't like is he's wearing the Gold and Black and instead of lambasting him get behind him.
Im sure Afobe knows if he don't impress Nuno he'll be sent back no questions asked.
Got a feelin Nuno will start him against Preston, maybe being away from home will suit him better, & the way Preston play Afobe could get amongst em.
Trouble is who do you drop, its hard but until we find out what Afobe can do how can we judge.
I fully understand fans negativity towards Afobe, but hey let's give him a chance he deserves that.
Any player who got so emotional and was in tears to come back, surely deserves our support and respect.
Time will tell for Afobe, at the end of the day he wears Gold and Black.
let's give him a chance, at the end of the season Nuno will decide.

GodBless WolfPack😀🙏.

11 Feb 2018 19:31:38
Davetcb, we all trust Nuno to get it right but whoever goes out on the pitch wearing the old gold and black will get my support.



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