08 Aug 2018 14:00:31
Dendoncker rumour seems to be building.

1.) 08 Aug 2018
08 Aug 2018 14:18:18
On his way to Wolves for talks.

Please let this one come through.

The lad is perfect for us. Could be the strong DM we need

Or tall CB next to Coady.

2.) 08 Aug 2018
08 Aug 2018 14:24:58
Seen that. He looked OK in the World Cup. Hard worker.

3.) 08 Aug 2018
08 Aug 2018 14:49:04
Nash saying it as well now.

4.) 08 Aug 2018
08 Aug 2018 15:30:14
Dendoncker capable of playing as middle of back three. Tall, good in the air, two-footed with good passing range, young and quick with ability to carry ball into space when it opens up. Looks like competition for Coady to me!

5.) 08 Aug 2018
08 Aug 2018 15:47:54
I would agree he seems ideally suited to a sweeper role which gives him best of both worlds.

Having watched a lot more of him and I know highlight videos only say so much. But in terms of pure talent and ability with a football not far off Neves at all. Bold statement I know. He will be magic if we pull this off.

6.) 08 Aug 2018
08 Aug 2018 16:32:14
Patricio, Jonny, Doherty, Boly, Dendoncker, Coady, Neves, Mouthinho, Traore, Jota and Jimenez.

Costa, Cav, Leo, MGW, Saiss, Bennett, Ruddy on the bench.

I think we're ready to tear up this league.

7.) 08 Aug 2018
08 Aug 2018 18:14:42
I personally want Vida as well! Think a back three of Vida, Dendoncker and Boly would be insane.

8.) 08 Aug 2018
08 Aug 2018 18:15:18
Yes I reckon Dendoncker could do Coady's job. But he's mostly a CM who pushes through the middle.

Wondering how a team with Dendoncker, Coady and Moutinho would look, Jas M. I think one has to drop out unless they play RCB/ LCB.

I think Costa would start ahead of Traore. Initially anyway. Nuno will do some rotation across the front anyway.

9.) 08 Aug 2018
08 Aug 2018 18:28:27
Dendoncker, Boly and Coady at the back with Moutinho and Neves in midfield.

10.) 08 Aug 2018
08 Aug 2018 19:32:44
Definitely agree with those three at the back Jas

Double swoop with Zinchencko as well. We have so many versatile options it's unreal.

Could see Jonny RWB and Zinchenko LWB.

Man this will be one deadline day. Was getting a bit worried the likes of Fulham had cained us in this window. How wrong I was.

11.) 08 Aug 2018
08 Aug 2018 19:41:00
Zinchenko Fee agreed.

Up to player now. The same was reported a week or two ago and he turned us down. Hopefully since City keep agreeing to sell he will get the picture and join.

12.) 08 Aug 2018
08 Aug 2018 19:45:56
Jas mate, just drooled all over the screen seeing your post.

Think Costa has probably done enough to challenge for a starting place over Traore. but what a team.

13.) 08 Aug 2018
08 Aug 2018 20:49:10
Right Jas M so you're putting Donk (had to think of a shortened name) at RCB? I have no idea what he's like there.

I think Coady needs to watch out, as Donk (is it sticking yet? ) will take his sweeper position. Coady will have to fight it out with Saiss, Hause and Bennett for RCB.