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09 Feb 2016 22:55:37
Does anybody think there's any truth in this Glenn Hughes rumour. I saw his tweet but not entirely convinced. I'm 50/ 50.
What's everyone else think?

08 Feb 2016 12:16:56
hi the realist are the prospective new owners the ones who were considering buying everton?

08 Feb 2016 22:17:17
On other sites Glenn Hughes name has come up again? Any truth in that Realist especially as he's local (Cannock) and mates with Robbie Keane?

08 Feb 2016 22:25:54
Not sure if this has been on here but Paul Kemsley is linked with a take over. There are some cryptic messages on social media with him pictured with Robbie Keane and a note saying "good times ahead for Wolves fans". Kemsley was part of Spurs back in the day. Plus he's in the property business too.

08 Feb 2016 23:37:59
must be true its on facebook!

09 Feb 2016 12:30:51
If you read the whole Glenn Hughes, Robbie Keane, Paul K chain on Twitter it's a prank. They were just watching the SB50 together and posted a photo which set tongues wagging and they played along. Not a chance this will happen.

09 Feb 2016 13:21:39
Gelnn Hughes has tweeted to me about the possibility of him and keano getting a consortium together, but obviously I can't say too much a lot of the converstions were in DM.

but like he says, "watch this space"

09 Feb 2016 16:10:44
they ain't got 10 million never mind 30 million!

09 Feb 2016 17:54:14
Glen Hughes Twitter account says it's not a wind up. Takeover announcement in time for early bird. They couldn't get it that right could they?

09 Feb 2016 18:42:49
Read the firestorm rocks Twitter chain (the guy who asked him if he was taking over wolves! ) he says sorry to get you excited but we mustered it up as a wind up. they were just watching the SB50.

09 Feb 2016 19:05:19
I think there is some trust in some of the rumours - as in I think there will some sort of announcement before early bird otherwise the season tickets will be at a all time low.

09 Feb 2016 19:52:49
its been exposed as a wind up! Paul kemsley is a declared bankrupt!

09 Feb 2016 20:08:40
He could still work on the deal behind the scenes, as long as he isn't the buyer or face of a consortium there isn't a problem.

09 Feb 2016 21:32:16
Realist ain't been on for a while he's very reliable I wonder if he's got any news.

07 Feb 2016 14:59:33
With the loan window opening next week, anybody got any ideas who might be brought in. Given our past history somebody better than Holt or Sagbo. Another Afobe would be good.

Meanwhile, can't wait for the spin put on the forthcoming early bird (dead duck) deal.

07 Feb 2016 16:12:29
Maybe somebody to make a bigger bench for all jackett's signings to sit on. joking a side, would like to see us sign adlene guedioura and a decent number 9.

07 Feb 2016 17:41:05
Just been reading Tim Spiers views on yesterday's game. Apparently leaving Mason on the bench is making him scratch his head - join the club mate! Difference is that he has the man himself in front of him so on behalf of everybody on here, please ask him what the hell he is doing/ thinking. Ta.

07 Feb 2016 18:23:23
Yep, centre midfielder definitely. I don't think we could get an Afobe on loan because any club wouldn't let a player of that quality go. But maybe Iheanacho from Manchester City?

07 Feb 2016 18:53:10
Spiers and Nash before him only sucked up to the hierarchy at Wolves! Not worth readin mate they got most of their info off the message boards.

07 Feb 2016 19:04:32
I would love Jerome Sinclair of Liverpool powerful fast goalscorer.

07 Feb 2016 20:17:05
We played a 4-3-3 yesterday and Mason is a No 10 who plays behind the striker.

08 Feb 2016 09:45:28
Regarding Mason being on the bench, I'm not surprised. As Bhamwolf points out he in a number 10 who plays behind a striker. There was no way Kenny was going to play Mason AND a striker on Saturday as we were lining up very defensively. When we do this, we play a lone striker/ centre forward up front and hope for the best. Siggy was more suited to this role.

I too would love Jerome Sinclair on loan but I fear that promising PL players don't want to risk their reputation in our division.

08 Feb 2016 13:39:18
Given up on jacket to much tinkering with side and seams to have reached is level going backwards, last year he must have had some luck its boring football this year, club have no ambition be glad when sold does the Realist have any latest on club being sold or does anyone, can't stand it at the moment going nowhere.

05 Feb 2016 20:06:18
Negotiations for Le Fondre deal to become permenant during the transfer window and it is likely to be announced in the summer that he has signed permenantly.

05 Feb 2016 20:24:48
Hope not, that is a step backwards! Roll on new owner and new manager.

05 Feb 2016 22:53:31
Thanks. BUT NO THANKS! ALF can leave now as far as I'm concerned -contributed very little. I won't be a hypocrite - I'll admit I wanted him to join in the summer. He's been very disappointing however. Besides, with their transfer embargo, I'd suggest Cardiff are trying to keep as many as possible. Then of course, they've also got to clear some of the wage bill!

05 Feb 2016 23:03:51
Someone's telling porkys I know the 3 idiots are silly but come on how many has he scored.

06 Feb 2016 00:06:33
Wolves have a view to permanent deal on ALF anyway so to talks to sign him permanently have probably started over his contract and all that Wolves will only have dicko and Mason as fit strikers, and dicko probably won't be playing till we play about 4th/ 5th game of pre-season so it makes Sense

So In other words I'd says there probably some truth to this from the disagreer.

06 Feb 2016 00:14:36
I should also point out that KJ& Alfie him self confirmed that we had view permanent deal when he signed at start of the season, when you have this you an activate it at anytime due to the fee basically being agreed for him

So like I said in my post above it wouldn't surprise me due to this situation of only really having dicko& Mason fit for pre-season but dicko likely to start playing in about the 4th/ 5th game so this deal makes sense.

06 Feb 2016 07:13:22
Matt after this season JACKETT won't be here, and hopefully the Realist is correct we will have new owners with more ambition than Morgan and crap like Alf will be gone.

06 Feb 2016 08:28:41
Wolves are allowed to sign someone else matt.

06 Feb 2016 08:40:14
Matt what about sigurdarsson and zyro.

06 Feb 2016 10:03:04
Anyone else getting the feeling, this time next year, we will be in the exact same position as we are now?

06 Feb 2016 10:40:14
No won't be! New Owner New Manager More Ambition! If ever we were in same position the gates would be down to 12-15k.

06 Feb 2016 11:47:15
And what if moxey's consortium get the heads up what'll happen then?

06 Feb 2016 12:05:21
Really hope Jackett gets the 1 striker tactic out of his head today it's not worked for us all season. Would be good to see ALF and Siggy team up with Mason sat just behind but will prob just be Siggy or ALF on their own trying to get on the end of Batth's long hoofs.

06 Feb 2016 12:10:57
No that won't work Baath's long hoofs always go to the opposition! 😁🙈.

06 Feb 2016 13:08:23
If Morgan has had enough of wolves and he wants out and if a number of people are interested, what is taking so long to sell. Especially after the money from the Afobe sale.

06 Feb 2016 13:15:20
Jtwolf keep readin the Realists texts as I feel he is the most reliable source on here as far as the takeover goes.

06 Feb 2016 17:04:22
What takeover? There isn't going to be one. Morgan doesn't won't to sell, he just wants to be out of the firing line.

06 Feb 2016 17:27:05
Just keep your eye on the Realists texts. 👍.

07 Feb 2016 10:29:46
Yay. The crap striker who hasn't scored all season. Seriously though when Zryo comes back we will be fine! This season will be one which we should all forget. Dicko back in the summer. Williamson back in a couple of days and hopefully staying most of our targets didn't go elsewhere. In theory we should be in the promotion fight next season.

05 Feb 2016 10:31:37
A young gk has joined us from ireland on a 3 year deal the name of Rory Brown into the under 18's squad, THAT'S NICE,

05 Feb 2016 21:58:44
His mom ain't Agnes by any chance.

02 Feb 2016 20:15:06
I understand that some young Italian chap from Milan was outside Compton on deadline day, deal fell through, reasons unknown.

02 Feb 2016 22:05:27
His mrs told him not to be so stupid.
Her in doors hey, always knows best.

02 Feb 2016 22:23:33
You sure it wasn't the chef.

03 Feb 2016 06:40:53
He works in the Italian furniture shop on the corner of the Waterloo RD.

03 Feb 2016 08:41:58
That shop ain't ran by italians.

03 Feb 2016 19:27:51
I know, it's owned by Italian's not run by them.

04 Feb 2016 11:49:27
The young Italian chap outside Compton on Monday. Was he from Domino's Pizza?

02 Feb 2016 14:21:52
Wolves and Charlton had bids of £1.5m rejected for Jonson Clarke-Harris on deadline day. Rotherham stood firm on their asking price of £3m. I understand he was and still is Wolves #1 target and they are willing to wait until the summer.

02 Feb 2016 16:05:09
How does that fit with bids for Acquafresca and Kike?

02 Feb 2016 16:42:02
Bottom half of the table it is then I'm not a season ticket holder but do feel sorry for the fans that scrape there money together to surport the club we love is time fans chanted moxey Morgan fxxx x and take the yes man with ya!

02 Feb 2016 17:01:27
I understand what your sayin Wednesfield Wolf but Wolves is my religion home and away. It would be borin if we were successful and won trophies! Lol I'd have nothin to moan about! )

02 Feb 2016 19:08:51
Clarke-Harris wouldn't be a bad addition for us actually. Also, if Rotherham do end up relegated to League 1 (assuming we dodge the same fate ourselves! ) I'm sure their valuation would have to drop a bit. Even to £2m.

03 Feb 2016 11:34:15
Anything would be an addition to add to that team that tried to play football last night it was awful, how can you not play 2 up front against Bolton they outplayed us for a team that is bottom of league, we are what we are an average middle of the championship league side with no ambition and K. J. looks out of is depth swopping and changing all the time not getting settled side playing players out of position, last week says we can make play offs this week says its going to be hard now what a numpty, hate to say it but McCarthy was better than K. J. this club needs a big sort out from top to bottom .
Wish with all my heart this club gets sold and run by a person or persons who now there football sorry K. J. but. you have surprised me had 2 good years but this year you and your staff have failed badly with your buying and selling and team selections I'm afraid to say its good bye and on to the next I hope, cannot watch anymore of this so called football you play .

02 Feb 2016 09:14:58
Realist as u know Morgan's business associates is there anything new on whether he's still sellin the club or takin it off the market and reinvesting? As a guess with the lack of transfer activity I'd guess he's still lookin to sell?

02 Feb 2016 11:56:39
Still looking to sell I can guarantee that, but will only sell to someone who will pump good money into the club.

02 Feb 2016 14:18:06
Paul, it's obvious from the relatively little transfer activity that nothing has happened yet with a new investor, although we seemed to try hard to land another striker. If Morgan was still selling I don't think we would have tried for a second striker, we would just be treading water. My hunch is that Plan A (to sell) has failed and Plan B (bring a big investor in) is where we are at now. Morgan must be fairly confident about Plan B. These things can take time.

02 Feb 2016 14:25:21
Thanks for the input Deep Throat and Blakewolf. But we're still guessin, be nice if something official was said, which I think will happen before the Early Bird is released.

02 Feb 2016 15:23:40
Paul, what, say something officially before Early Bird is released? They wouldn't be that cynical, would they? There's usually some sort of carrot dangled at this time of year!

03 Feb 2016 19:03:23
The club is a complete shambles, I'm not sure there is a plan, I'm not sure there is a way forward.
It breaks my heart, people call me the pessimist amongst other things.
Guys wolverhampton wanderers have given me many downs but some unbelievable highs.
I don't want " the dirty money" I want somebody to look after my club, give me the occasional high.
But and it's a big but.
There is a high potential for the circus to turn into a disaster area.
Honestly guys Morgan moxey thelwell and Jackett are all rabbits in the headlights.
They all need replacing, and very very soon.
A Morgan return I think now has been blown out of the water.
The sale of Afobe and the lack of re-investment has cooked his goose.
If the redman can't sell and sell soon we are up pooh creek.
For all of you who love wolves as I do, know we will always turn up and watch the wolves.
Time though to be brave as one the dead duck (early bird) has to be a 100 per cent no go.
If it costs an extra few quid come August so be it.
Morgan can take his money and run or he can have the blood of wwfc on his hands.
There is only one way forward, SELL SELL SELL.
On a positive note I believe for the first time we will now be sold before the end of the season.
Always passionate always honest and as always a realist.

04 Feb 2016 19:38:07
Fair play Realist I know we've had words but I agree with you. Morgan has got nothing to loose and everything to gain he's only down a tenner!
Just look out for the faint hope and bull as the early birds come around again.

04 Feb 2016 20:18:26
Darbo we must not buy into the dead duck.
100 per cent no early bird.
It's Morgan's money, no fans no money.
No money he will jump.
He will sell if we up the anti.
The product he put on the market is still now what is was worth then.
No early birds he's got a big call.
He's a money man he can't afford this to fail.
He doesn't fail, blot on the cv he won't have it.
Time for the poker face, its not our money.
He's a shrewd businessman.
He aye wolves we am.
Had he had any ambition he would have shown it in jan, n come back fighting.
We want a transformation.
No early bird nil nil nil.
You buy it won't help.
Enough is enough.
One love wwfc. we am aye we.

08 Feb 2016 12:51:43
What makes you think we will be sold by the end of the season, what evidence is there. I've yet to see anything to suggest Morgan is going to let go of wolves easily.

01 Feb 2016 21:50:47
Wolves have had a move for Sone Aluko rejected.

01 Feb 2016 22:04:23
This will jacketts interview tomorrow we just couldn't strike up the right deal it's hard when clubs won't sell the transfer funds where there but we didn't want to bring players in that are not better than what we have got it's all about striking up the right chemistry between players so well look ahead now and see what the loan window has got to offer .

01 Feb 2016 22:17:09
Its amazing how much we always try to sign players but never seem to get the deal done. If it were true why are names and figures never mentioned so we could all judge if the idiot at the top has tried!

01 Feb 2016 22:18:12
Same old crap every time.

01 Feb 2016 22:27:30
At least big Mick was entertaining bored stuff of jackett don't think players look up to him enough time for change.

02 Feb 2016 01:38:15
Hi ho silver lining jez moxey is the LOAN ranger.

01 Feb 2016 20:12:54
Abbonlahor representatives apparently at Wolves having talks.

01 Feb 2016 20:25:35
How sure r u.

01 Feb 2016 20:35:55
Agbonglahor? He about as useless as when man city put david james up front to try get a winner.

01 Feb 2016 21:22:56
His baking aye to good either.

01 Feb 2016 21:50:12
Never been the same since Tim Nash left for Shrewsbury bring him back. Transfer deadline isn't the same.

01 Feb 2016 22:19:29
I did tell you before the weekend it will be business when the lone window opens.

02 Feb 2016 07:02:13
That was my guess too Xz we aren't attractive or generous enough to sign players like Kike or Rhodes so it's short term loans again if we want more players anyway I win my bet that we sign two first team players this window.

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