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29 Aug 2015 21:40:37
Wolves have enquired about the availability of Manchester United winger Jesse Lingard.

29 aug 2015 23:35:02
can't see it but exactly what we need

29 Aug 2015 14:24:55
No stearman in squad??

Could this mean he's off to Fulham?

29 Aug 2015 15:14:23
Apparently we've accepted a 2 million bid from Fulham

29 Aug 2015 15:14:26
E+S saying Wolves accepted fulhams offer, this is a poor descision imo as Stearman is probably our best defender at the moment whilst Batth is out.

29 Aug 2015 17:22:52
What's going on,stearman is without doubt our best defender,lost the plot

29 Aug 2015 18:45:38
TBH our defence looked pretty good today.

Doc and Scotty made a big difference both going forward and defending. Hause and Ladell didn't do much wrong. Ikeme on the other hand was shocking, poor effort fort the goal and poor kicking.

Henry and Edwards MOTM.

Oho and ALF made big impact with McD and Dicko going off, both were not at the races today.

We do need more depth this is FACT. With Dicko injured and Stears off and possibly VLP we need reinforcements ASAP.

29 Aug 2015 20:40:43
Stearman wanted move from point Fulham first made contact. No reason to keep player who wants to go. Thought defence looked far more secure today than in previous games with Hause the stand out player. Henry added several hundred thousands to his asking price with his best performance for a long time. Can see Charlton returning with improved bid, and he also wants to go. ALF looked threatening when he came on and I for one was not surprised he got the winner as he is always on move in the box. Ono also carried a threat and played three or four similar early balls into box before one that ALF converted. Contrary too most on here I think sales are good business and believe those staying will prove more than adequate and will also free up opportunities for some very promising youngsters. If could get one player in would love it to be Pritchard on year long loan.
Although I appreciate his wholehearted endeavour And goal scoring feats I think Edwards should only be in team as a flexible number 10, he does not deliver as an orthodox midfielder. Perhaps Dicko injury will allow Edwards to play in that role.
Do think there will be arrivals maybe loans before next game.

29 Aug 2015 21:56:56
We were awful today,but got the result.
Golbourne motm
Henry a close second.
The subs made the difference.
Dicko is missing his mate.
Afobe affected by transfer talk.
Stearman is a big loss but 2million is a good offer.
But the big one for me no way can we play KMac Coady n Dave Ed as 3 of a 4man midfield, its a total imbalance.
Jackett is struggling to get the right formula.
For me its





29 Aug 2015 12:45:01
ESPN reporting Norwich have made a final offer of £14.5million for Afobe.
Also Crystal Palace have enquired about dicko.

29 Aug 2015 14:52:14
Stearman sold to Fulham for £2m.
Wolves in for Lescott??
Offer in for Pritchard on loan

29 Aug 2015 15:15:20
Hope so regarding Lescott but I doubt it tbh mate.

29 Aug 2015 19:09:32
Lescott seems destined for Villa

28 Aug 2015 20:57:03
Jon Flanagan on loan fro Liverpool is latest.

Has been injury prone but when fit would be a quality full back in this league.

I think he can play RB and LB from what I can remember.

28 Aug 2015 13:23:49
Rvp wanted by Leeds & Brighton and Fulham to make fresh bid for steers - in relation to know possible going after another glad don't think it case lost faith in ikeme just more like wants as stiffer competition between keepers as is possible

28 Aug 2015 20:04:18
That makes no sense!

29 Aug 2015 12:07:55
Meant say kj not lost faith in Ikeme just poss want another keeper in to make competition to be #1 tougher than is at moment

27 Aug 2015 18:56:11
A lot of talk about Mannone from Sunderland.

Looks like Kenny has gone off Big Carl.

27 Aug 2015 22:46:05
Go for it! A very underrated keeper. Would be amazing in the championship.

26 Aug 2015 19:12:21
Kenny Jackett to take advantage of Aitor Karanka and Albert Adomah's fall and beat Bristol City for the wingers signature. From a good source aswell because Wolves are looking to replace 'home sick' James Henry who is on his way Charlton Athletic

26 Aug 2015 20:28:40
Can't see Henry going but I'll take Adomah anyway

27 Aug 2015 13:14:11
Adomah over Henry any day of the week. please let this be true

28 Aug 2015 10:02:05
RW is a position I've felt we needed to strengthen for a few seasons now, Henry as been a good servant but way too inconsistent and VLP is rubbish to be blunt. He gets into great positions with 0 end product, 1 good cross a game is shocking for a winger.

28 Aug 2015 10:07:39
Won't be long for transfer deadline, and I am sorry to be negative but until Morgan spends some money we are going nowhere .
I think we the fans have been let down the teams no better than last year and we didn't make it then so how on earth am we going to make it this year .
We still need some players a c.h. definitely a replacement for sako which we have not replaced and a striker to add to those we have who can win balls in the air,the strikers we have are to similer in there play .
Now its up to you Mr.Morgan do you have any ambition or do you just want wolves to be a selling club with a great stadium and academy to bring youngsters through to sell ,it looks like that to me Mr.Morgan because I thought you would spend this year to get we up, but you have been shopping in pound land to much for me with no experienced players of championship quality brought in,the performances so far have not been good enough, the defeat to Cardiff was woeful didn't have a shot at goal and they was a very average side but they have something we havnt got a big striker like k.Jones who can win balls in the air and score goals sorry again to be negative but unless we bring players in I can see the wolves fans start having a go at the board.

28 Aug 2015 21:36:40
Great post 'bigwolf', one that I wholeheartedly agree with! We've been let down again by Morgan & Moxey, but I'm sure they won't lose any sleep over it!

26 Aug 2015 15:10:58
We have immediately rejected a third bid from Norwich for Afobe.

26 Aug 2015 18:09:16
Just delaying the inevitable.

Knowing us we will sell at last minute so we do have time to spend any of it and will go into Morgans pocket.

26 Aug 2015 20:41:19
He's a goner if he's not for sale where has 14. Million come from.
We will sell for 12m before the window Jez will be going through various stages of pant wetting.
Delia will through in a tray steak n kidneys pies in Our Jezmond will be putty in her hands.

27 Aug 2015 09:24:22
If we got any ambition and K.J. said he wanted to build side round Afobe we would slap a 20 million transfer fee on him to scare teams away .
The way we are going if we don't invest and get out this division all we will become is a breeding ground for other teams like I keep saying any young player will be gone if we don't get in premier its the only place to be

26 Aug 2015 13:53:28
Allegedly, Daily Mirror (says it all) claim we've put a £14m price tag on Afobe!

27 Aug 2015 08:41:43
Guess work. Likely to be something gleaned from another club. But I think we'll settle for 11 to 12. Kenny obviously doesn't want to lose him but money talks.

25 Aug 2015 12:07:14
Latest rumours-

Norwich make improved bíd for Afobe.
Were interested in Feruz(19 yr old scottish striker) from Chelsea.
Also linked to Forshaw from Boro on loan.

{Ed001's Note - Feruz has a lot of off field attitude issues, I would not want him personally.}

25 Aug 2015 19:01:00
Totally bad attitude never won anything. We have enough problems on the field!

26 Aug 2015 13:20:42
Wolves have put a price tag of £14M on Afobe to scare off potential vultures!

26 Aug 2015 14:34:36
Norwich have had a 10mil bid rejected wolves have said they can have him for 14mil on a scale of one to thick, thick! (Sky sports)
Please don't say 14mil is good if he is going to go bla bla bla. Norwich will 100% come back with 14mil if they are willing to splash out 10mil. I think the board are a joke, goodbye Afobe

26 Aug 2015 14:38:36
It's gets my blood boiling knowing that Bellies and Morgan are rubbing their hands together. This is why we need owners at the club that want the best for wolves and I don't think them pair do. I will still never forgive Moxey when he gave the entire southbank to them and give me a pie and a pint for my seat. Which I couldn't even drown my sorrows because I was underage.

26 Aug 2015 18:07:43
Your right Myles I too think he will be gone before window closes.

I just hope if he goes we get players in part ex wether from Norwich Newcastle Spurs.

Maybe if they put £20 mill asking price it would have scared them off.

26 Aug 2015 19:12:14
Have a little faith in the 2M's
Won't go in this window even for stupid money, may go in January if not in contention.

27 Aug 2015 10:58:10
"Rubbing their hands together", yes they're not the most honest people out there but they have stated time and time again Afobe is not for sale. All we can do right now if take their word for it. We've rejected 3 bids for him of 8m+ surely that is showing Morgan and Moxey's stance on this. Let's take their word for it for once.

28 Aug 2015 10:39:05
If they sell Afobe there will be an uproar at the molineux after saying they was going to build side around him, I think that the wolves fans will want new owners to take we that next step who will spend on players, to sell now would be like committing suicide if they want promotion as we all now the 2 MMS would come out with same story we tried to buy this and that before transfer deadline,and the money will go in Morgans pocket as he always does.
So far this season I can honestlly say I have been let down and fed up of all these stupid excuses,we all now that at this present time Morgan as done nothing to help our club on the playing side with some quality signings to go with our great up and coming star players which we all now would have given us a great chance for promotion but there's still some time left to surprise me you never now,come on Morgan get in the real world and if you love this club as much as you say help K.J. with some cash.

24 Aug 2015 15:19:01
Joe Bennett the aston villa left back will arrive before window shuts for 1.5 million. Thoughts guys

24 Aug 2015 15:40:21
Why?? We've got the best left back in the league in Scotty!! If that happens Jackett is def losin the plot as other areas are in more need of strengthening!!

25 Aug 2015 09:22:16
Talking about new signings, Anybody know where Jack Price is?!?, Mcdonald is Injured Wallace and Saville only just back from injury and still no mention of Price, when we recalled him last season he was like a new signing and our form improved dramatically with him playing, he allows other players around him more freedom to express their selves because he covers any out of position players. Anybody struggling on the ball Price offers an option and is never scared to have the ball at his feet! Think we've sorely missed him so far this season, and by the looks of it Mcdonald is playing like he doesn't want to be at the club, I'd swap them and allow Coady a little more freedom

25 Aug 2015 10:24:39
Agree Price is very underrated.

Every time we have a throw we never have to go long as he ALWAYS makes himself available to bounce off him.

If we do lose Afobe and we stick to 4231 i'd like to see McD push on as that used to be his favoured position. With Price and Coady sitting.

25 Aug 2015 10:58:31
The reason kmac isn't playing the best is because he still has back injury and according to Tim spiers he's only 75-80% fit which makes it even more mind boggling

On tonight's game kj has said the youngster that will play are in consideration for now and are good enough now there not for next season and I would guess these players are ronan, Graham, enobkhare to be honest It would not surprise me if these players play very well and impress the only problem is can u play them all in the same team and league game probably not I think Graham and maybe bright have a chance of starting I'd say more Graham tho

25 Aug 2015 12:02:25
Matt Kenny has confirmed that Doherty, Wallace, Saville will be starting tonight. From is pre game interview.

25 Aug 2015 13:22:56
I don't have any stats, but it does seem to me that when Price is playing we tend to win. Agreed that Golbourne is a great LB. Whether KMac is better than Edwards behind the striker is debatable but perhaps worth a try.

25 Aug 2015 16:00:28
Yes dot I know but those would be the youngsters I'd guess at

24 Aug 2015 15:10:16
Got a few ins and outs that's going through the early stages at mo to tell you all about. Afobe first of all is on his way to westham for 8 million. Now for 3 new players coming in. First of all tom bradshaw of walsaw will be coming in to replace afobe for 800 000. 2nd player is alex tonev off the villa who is a winger for around 1.3 million. The 3rd player is the big one. Jay Rodriguez will arrive on loan for the season from Southampton. He needs games and fitness and a deal is close.

25 Aug 2015 10:00:53
Rodriguez 😂😂😂

25 Aug 2015 13:49:55
Jay Rodriguez? Yeah, right.

{Ed001's Note - just go and ask the Villa site about kingvilla's 'rumours' and you will see this is about as realistic as he gets......}

24 Aug 2015 06:32:12
Hearing news that Benik Afobe wants to leave Wolves already and has told Kenny Jackett that he wants a move, Newcastle are highly interested and will offer over double of his current wages along with a big bid, not sure how true this is but this is what I have heard! Also, reason why Dicko was on bench saturday was because him and Benik had a bust up in the changing rooms, going to be a very surprising couple weeks.

24 Aug 2015 09:31:03
He's definitely going! The lad won't turn down the opportunity to play in the Prem League & to triple his wages. Wouldn't be surprised if he goes to Newcastle but, not for 5M that has been touted. I think he'll go for at least 10M, as Arsenal will have a big sell on clause as well! Moxey won't want to give the boy away that's for sure!

24 Aug 2015 15:10:46
How come we loose two games on bounce and suddenly Adobe wants out? We lost cause crap tactics and weak defense now I not no mind reader but pretty sure even Morgan knows Adobe a assist to club and trust me when say only way lad goes is a- get mega offer and I mean £20 m + or he hands transfer in and just don't see either happening maybe off next season if don't do any good this one but he not going cheap & not going if got rotate in squad he guaranteed start at wolves wk in wk out plus kj more than able get team sorted just may be not till everyone back fit

24 Aug 2015 16:51:16
Yamyamro, if you think KJ will sort the mess out with this current squad of players, I think your deluded! The centre of the defence is a total joke & all bar Batth (who's obviously injured) have been pathetic! If KJ can't see he needs reinforcements in that department he needs to have a very hard look at himself! If we got in Maguire & Dunk from Hull & BHA respectively, we'd have a good chance in this league! It's also time KJ went back to the system he played last season, it worked! This tight midfield with everybody interchanging positions doesn't work with this crop of players!

24 Aug 2015 17:40:37
Agree with revert to system played last your but food for thought did it only wk cause we had sako? Don't know best solution for defense we nowhere near as tight and organized as been in past not sure what cause weakness just hope once Barth & Wallace back we going start be team we need be for promotion but do agree looking v bleak at moment hopefully Morgan seen on sat how we got strengthen and does something about it sharpish

24 Aug 2015 19:50:42
We will be ok once he realises he hasn't been playing our best full backs.




I think try Ifora at CB and if we stick with 4231 then Dicko is a must.

24 Aug 2015 22:04:03
I'd pick the same team apart from Stearman;I just think he's useless, if we don't sign anyone! However, until Batth returns I don't honestly know what the answer is! It's very alarming that the Centre of our defence is so, so poor!
Really we need to make 2 quality CH signing! Unfortunately Dunk at BHA has sign a new 5yr contract today. Maguire might want to come, as he's not getting a game at Hull!

25 Aug 2015 07:29:21
Dicko was dropped to play Edwards behind Afobe rather than on the wing it's not rocket science.

25 Aug 2015 08:20:15
Might not be rocket science but def wrong decision

25 Aug 2015 08:23:35
What I'm saying is Dicko is better than Afobe as a lone striker so I would drop Edwards and move Afobe back behind Dicko if he decides to stick with 4231.

25 Aug 2015 10:22:08
Agree Dot Cotton then you've got 2 natural strikers on the pitch

25 Aug 2015 13:26:11
Unless we change our formation drastically, 2 strikers means no attacking central midfielder. Could move Edwards back to the wing I suppose.

25 Aug 2015 14:48:01
Why not play a proper winger?? All of a sudden Edwards is that important?? He isn't that good, so basically our team is weaker? As I said last season, we were on a high from promotion, we were lucky with injuries and we over achieved! Now reality is settin in. Jackett is mediocre and so is our team, we need cash to strengthen quickly or this season will be gone without any type of promotion challenge!

19 Aug 2015 15:18:04
In response to some media speculation this morning, Benik Afobe was bought from Arsenal in January 2015, and other players arrived in the summer, to strengthen the team for the strongest possible challenge on promotion this season.
Therefore, neither Benik nor any of Wolves' first team forward players, will be sold this season.
Benik has developed into a player of key importance to Wolves and the Club's plans for this campaign.
Wolves have previously resisted the opportunity to sell other key first team players in this and other recent transfer windows.
As far as the Club is concerned there is no need for any further comments or speculation about this issue.

19 Aug 2015 15:33:53
With Fletcher going to Sunderland for 15 mil it would take a 20 mil bid from anyone to get Afobe, and I can't see that happening. But every player does have their price.

19 Aug 2015 17:11:09
I haven't seen Wolves sell for money for some years now. Players who have gone have either been surplus to requirements or have wanted to go (Griffiths, Sako). Sure £20m would be crazy to turn down, and that was a massive amount for Fletcher. But what about £10m? If the player wants to stay I don't think Wolves would sell for that.

19 Aug 2015 21:19:32
What has Carl Ikeme done wrong this bloke is a joke

20 Aug 2015 10:00:03
Tim Sherwood at match last night. don't know who he was scouting but if it were me I'd put in a bid for Austin, thought he had a great game. Brilliant headed goal and good link up play.
Thought we were really impressive first half with our midfield running the game. Ramsey pushed his midfield fifteen yards further forward in second half and we didn't have a plan B to counter that.

20 Aug 2015 11:29:51
However u play your not going to win games when your keeper gifts the opposition 2 goals!

20 Aug 2015 12:09:11
Ikeme back in ASAP! This guy is terrible, even I could have saved both Phillips' goals.

20 Aug 2015 15:17:58
Agree golden boy that was the worst goalkeeping I have saw from a wolves goalkeeper for a long time send him back to Arsenal rubbish,K.J. sorry but how can he take ikemes place you need to go to spec savers if you think he is better than ikeme I don't now what sort of deal you have had with Wenger but if you keep him in goal in this type of league you will be out of a job and sort that defence out go to Mr. Morgan and ask him for some money they were terrible need some older experienced heads in there everyone can see that

20 Aug 2015 19:27:55
Just a thought but I believe George McCartney is still a free agent after being released by West Ham. In my opinion he'd be worth a trial, experienced and no nonsense defender. Any opinions?

21 Aug 2015 07:14:14
Kenny will not be dropping Martinez he said yesterday this just one those patches he's got to come through

21 Aug 2015 09:28:03
Matt Locke tell me your joking if Martinez plays I will have serious doubts about k.j.'s team selections no way is he better than ikeme .
k.j. must have done some deal with Wenger if he plays him as bad as we played after the half-hour we would have still won 2-1 with ikeme in goal let's not beat about the bush Martinez was terrible, the squad needs strengthening not good enough .
We didn't make play offs last year with sako and Baath in team so what makes k.j.think we can make it this year with the same if not weaker team is beyond me a CENTRE HALF we have got to sign the way we are leaking goals House will be a great player but he needs to be brought in slowly

21 Aug 2015 10:48:49
makes jacket look like a hypocrite after saying ikeme was dropped for "footballing reasons". looks like wenger having a imput into picking our team now

21 Aug 2015 22:46:19
Ronan and wallace shine for u-21s boukari injured again

22 Aug 2015 11:52:03
No big wolf and Martinez was always going to start he's played in the champions League and made some very good saves and kept clean sheets and kept arsenal in the game away at dourtmand

22 Aug 2015 18:11:39
Lost the plot.
Not a shot on target.
Boring game.
No Dicko no Henry .
Afobe lacking service.
Pressure .
No entertainment.
What's Martinez done wrong this guys a joke.
Cum on me babbies.
Gonna have to tough it out.
A game of two halves.

19 Aug 2015 10:40:25
Rumours are rife that Norwich have made a substantial bid for Afobe. Social media says he is omitted from the squad tonight (doubt that information is available yet though.). Please don't do it Kenny 🙈

I'd like to welcome Karl Henry back tonight . But I won't!

19 Aug 2015 14:12:33
Phew - club statement says we're not selling!

19 Aug 2015 14:26:53
If they do sell Afobe to Norwich then I will now that wolves will only ever be a championship selling club with no ambition and that if it did happen would like Morgan to sell club to someone who can invest that bit more on playing side to get we in premier we only need 2 experienced players and I think we could get promotion this season.
Anything else is failure if we don't go up this season that's my honest opinion ,we are so close don't spoil it Morgan go for it

19 Aug 2015 15:11:28
A bit of faith is needed to be shown in morgan.Ok he's made some mistakes since he took over us but since his appointment of Thelwell & Jackett things have turned round.I'm pretty sure my £100 bet on promotion is going to come good this season.

19 Aug 2015 17:55:42
I really hope too big cheese that your bet comes true ,perhaps I am being to negative but when the team is so close to promotion with what I think 2 experienced players needed to make sure it gets to me because Morgan as the money .
How well I've had my say now its hoping we get 3 points tonight against Q.P.R. ,I think we will 2-0 .come on you wolves

19 Aug 2015 19:34:28
Ben10 is in a good place, he will be sold, but not now,
Not in the near future.
He will play for a top four prem team.
He will play for England
Want to see him playing for England as a Wolves player.
Norwich Town behave yourselves yam avin a larf.

19 Aug 2015 19:40:54
For once the wolves "pr machine" has swung into action with posative news right from moment kj signed afobe he has stated that he wants build team around afobe and how integral to a sucessful promotion push he is I applaud wolves for being upfront snd open with their intentions concerning afobe - no coincidence that we receive alleged huge bid for him on night we got one most important games of season - not case trying unsettle afobe is it well norwich villa et all 2 stuck up fingers to u all u done is fire up the goal machine even more maybe morgan & moxey are wolves ay we after all

20 Aug 2015 12:16:50
If KJ wants to build a team around Afobe, he needs to shore up the CH position! No point scoring 2 goals & then letting in 3! The two CHs that played last night were woeful & i'd be getting elrid of Stearman in this Transfer window! I believe he's out of contract next summer so, let's get a couple of quid for the Donkey whilst we can!

16 Aug 2015 09:40:40
Some morning papers suggesting interest in Afobe from Villa.

16 Aug 2015 10:32:51
Not surprised but the club said he is going nowhere

16 Aug 2015 11:54:22
Would take crazy offer for him leave and they looked crap against man utd fro night we far more chance doing something than they ever will

17 Aug 2015 19:38:06
Some players are priceless.
Benik Afobe will be an international player.
If Berahino is worth 15 -20 million ben10 is worth 20-25 million.
To wolves he is worth much much more, he is our passport to the greed league.
He oozes quality, and will get better and better.
Tom Sherwood take your Yankee dollars n buy Tom Bradshaw.
He's outta your league he's outta your leaaaaaaaggguuueeee
Benin Afobe he's outta your league.

17 Aug 2015 19:55:22
Totally agree realist and hopefully soon we be out this league -ben 10 is a goal machine & when not "scoreing when he wants" pulls defenders all over the place when u see the carp uncle roy picks to play for england it just matter of time till benik shows how a real goal scorer plays hope u looking over your shoulder rooney afobe comeing to take your crown oh and good luck with playing for another carp team berahino whrn u move from tesco to weightrose London

17 Aug 2015 20:02:13
The next few weeks will be silly seasons for rumours- lots of journos putting two and two together and finding they're bad at maths

18 Aug 2015 13:03:21
Well said HP - I would have given you a 'like it' if that were possible! :-)

15 Aug 2015 23:58:56
Denayer - Man City
Gayle - Crystal Palace

Both on season long loans, too complete our summer business.

11 Aug 2015 13:17:54
martinez deal completed just needs clearance to play tonight,

12 Aug 2015 21:57:52
Anybody else thought Leon was going to miss on Saturday haha

13 Aug 2015 10:32:54
Didn't realise he could run that far

13 Aug 2015 11:27:57
dave edwards signed a new deal to take him through till 2017

11 Aug 2015 05:40:34
Wolves will complete the signing of Jonny Williams from Palace on loan this week, Martinez deal is complete and will be announced this morning, also Wolves are considering a bid for Manchester City defender Jason Denayer, most likely a loan deal.

11 Aug 2015 07:36:45
I don't think there's much to the rumours about Jonny Williams. He's very injury prone.

11 Aug 2015 11:37:08
jonny williams is being tracked by wolves, brisol city and very strangely' crystal palace according to the e&s?'quality editing at work again we see.

11 Aug 2015 12:15:39
Williams is the sort of player I'd love to see at our place. Turned us down once tho so we'll see.

Denayer I'd be ridiculously happy with but I can't see it happening.

11 Aug 2015 13:17:29
Denayer is a non-starter. He was on the bench for City last night.

13 Aug 2015 09:02:24
Don't think we need Williams, as Jackett's been playing Afobe in the hole behind the striker, and we also have Dangerous Dave in that pos. Williams would be 3rd choice if he were to come in, which pushes Connor Ronan down the order which would be unfair due to his promising pre-season, would prefer to give Ronan the chance IF Afobe and Edwards were injured

11 Aug 2015 00:42:01
Wolves Manager Kenny Jacket Attended the Aston Villa vs Stoke U 21's on Monday night at the Bescot Stadium. Not many Noticeable names played but ones I can pull out of the hat are Joe Cole, Lewis Kinsella (lb) who are the only ones to have first team numbers at villa

11 Aug 2015 15:12:08
Le le le le fondre
le le le le fondre
Nouha dicko and
Benik Afobe

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