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29 Apr 2016 23:03:54
Hey all not rumour related but have you seen this @Wolvesfood twitter account.
people are saying it is possibly a wolves footballer running the account I see he has got a few blue tick followers aswell so could be true . Also others are saying he is being paid by the club to lighten the mood on social media . And finally I hear some say he is a prospective buyer for club engaging with fans before he takes over and reveals himself. Who knows but it's got me gripped to his timeline it is hilarious. Anyway check it out on twitter and see for yourself I'm not sure myself.

29 Apr 2016 15:46:15
I predict we will lose tomorrow. Porsche parked up outside Molineux not moxeys although moxeys car was parked up.
One thing I do not understand is why would jackett be going if he scouting players.
any progress on the takeover?

29 Apr 2016 17:10:36
Gee wolf.
Jackett is a professional and has to go through the motions, whether or not he believes he will be here next season. That's what he's paid to do until he's told otherwise. In my opinion he won't be here next season, regardless of takeover.

29 Apr 2016 20:18:36
Well kj has said tomorrow is for the fans.Dunno what that's going to mean?! Are we going to score? Is he getting ready to leave on a good note? Whatever we might see some effort tomorrow.

29 Apr 2016 21:09:23
A further thought tho. Does this confirm that they hav'nt been doing it for the fans in the other 40 matches? Why now kenny?

30 Apr 2016 03:28:24
I think what you'll all find is KJ will be here next season, he's already been told that and for you remember jez came out and said its far more than just KJ fault this season, there's a lot other things so tells you everything.

28 Apr 2016 07:01:42
Morning All

Heard a rather interesting snippet from a friend of mine that works in the commercial department at Nottingham Forest. Not saying there is anything in it, but it is of interest to us I suppose.
Tim Sherwood was short listed and invited for interview by the board at Forest in the past couple of weeks, but he declined the interview as he has already agreed a deal to take over at a Championship club starting in the early summer.
Of course this does not mean that it is us. But there was a strong rumour going around about a month ago that Sherwood had been seen with Morgan. Again, that doesn't mean anything specific, but I have also heard a pretty strong rumour from within the club that Morgan has started to take a much more hands on role over the last 6 weeks than he did after the Preston game when he broke all ties virtually.
It has also been suggested to me that the reason why KJ doesn't yet know about his summer budget is because the decision has already been made at board level that KJ will not get his 12 month rolling contract renewed.
Whatever happens, I think its going to be an interesting summer. There are so many things up in the air aren't there? The club sale, KJs job, to sell or keep the young talent, the sponsorship deal, the list goes on. If you are a true fan as I like to think I am, all I wish for come the kick off in August is stability, and some forward planning.
My gut feeling is that Moxey is here for the foreseeable future, that Morgan will eventually take the club off the market and as for KJ? I can't make my mind up on that one. My hunch is that he will still be here in August.
Just one last thing, if I was in charge of the club, there would be one sacking that I would make, and I would make it as the last whistle goes against Sheff Weds. Kevin Thelwell. What the hell does this man bring to the football club?
Anyway, just a bit of a rumour that I had heard, and a few of my own opinions. Hope you are all well and roll on Aug. It can't come fast enough!

28 Apr 2016 07:48:05
Problem with our club - they don't want to keep us the paying customers informed - and that is all we am to Moxey and Morgan. Yes I agree something is going on behind the scenes and if Kenny still there at the start of new season then let's face it - the season will be a waste of money and time.

28 Apr 2016 08:31:17
Thanks Tom Tit, I know stuff is going on behind the scenes as in investment or sale. But what I do know is that JACKETTS contract will end at the end of the season. 100%.

28 Apr 2016 09:55:22
Morning Tom,

Not surprised to hear the Tim Sherwood rumour. I'd love him at Wolves but only as part of a complete re-think and new investment, otherwise no point.

My gut feeling is that Morgan is either selling some or part of his shares, or he is staying put and going to rejuvenate the club. Either way I think Kenny is toast. Morgan could sell shares to John Grayken. They know and presumably trust each other. Grayken makes the investment and Morgan gets kudos if we make it back to the PL. Unfortunately I think Moxey's job will be safe.

28 Apr 2016 09:57:22
To be honest I'd like Sherwood as manager, I'd like Morgan to recommit. But Moneyshop is a terminal problem, and if Morgan is more hands on again now, then he's responsible for allowing us to be branded Moneyshop-Wolves. And I guess it shouldn't be a surprise, he seemed fine that Blackpool were sponsored by Wonga, didn't care one jot they trashed Blackpool's image to rest of Nation.

Moneyshop-Wolves don't deserve support, if Morgan allows Moneyshop to remain his legacy is for $$$$, he's betrayed the club and City and I want him out of WWFC. I was born in Wolves and have supported Wolves all my life but I won't support Moneyshop-Wolves, moment they step on to that pitch next season in those shirts, it's no longer my club.

28 Apr 2016 09:59:41
That's true stan-the-man, I don't think we the fans are informed enough of what's going on everything is hidden transfer fees, buying of players and the lies that Moxey keeps telling us is never ending.
But seriously this cannot keep going on like this and I realy hope with all my heart Morgan says enough is enough and sorts this mess out for the sake of our great Football club.
A club like Wolves must get in the premier league, anything else is failure, like this season it's not good enough and needs some serious changes, after all didn't Moxey say top six was minimum requirement, we will see what he as to say at end of season.

28 Apr 2016 10:26:14
One thing must be sorted urgently for next season with emergency window closing, we must sighn players as quickly as we can, and we all now what position is the most urgent, we need 2 strikers of proven goalscoring in championship right away, it's alright saying we have Dicho coming back but when will he be back to full fitness same as Jordan Graham you don't now how long they will take to be 100% fit, and midfield players of creativity are needed badly, let's not pretend that this group of players without new players coming in will be good enough, because they won't the stats. don't lie the last 18 games as been relegation form and Jackett and is backroom staff must take the blame, nobody else he picks team and if he as not got what he wanted should of said at time not after.
Any decent coach/ manager who nows is job speaks out at the time when things are not going to plan, and if he as not got what he wanted to improve side is prepared to leave job and hold is head high that's my opinion.

28 Apr 2016 10:55:43
Thelwell would be the first to go, hopefully followed by Moxley.

28 Apr 2016 11:40:50
Re wanting Grayken to invest / buy Wolves, you should search google for News on him.

He runs vulture funds, preying on and looking to exploit weak Companies. Reports out of Korea claim he fails to honour financial pledges, out of Ireland claiming he's disliked due to him buying struggling mortgages and evicting people, and Forbes reckon he's a loner and in the shadows because they seem to reckon everyone whose trusted him and worked with him has seriously regretted it.

And we want him to buy Wolves? Not a chance.

28 Apr 2016 12:56:53
Sherwood is exactly the type of manager we need. We have a young team and he's got a few years of top level experience and is still young himself with his best years yet to come, most likely.

If Kenny really is going this summer, he will have already been told and will be seeing out a deal with compensation, presumably based on league position. But it means we won't have to pay him a year's wages. But, respect to others on this site, but I still have doubts as to whether any change will happen before next season starts.

28 Apr 2016 13:15:11
It's true that the reputation of John Grayken's companies looks exploitative. He's given up his American nationality, for tax reasons it seems. It wouldn't surprise me if there is a chain of Grayken companies ultimately leading to a tax-free tax haven. I'd be worried why he wants to buy us, if the takeover rumours are true.

28 Apr 2016 13:18:30
Sherwood is bang on for us if we're going to be truly ambitious. Kenny is on a yearly rolling contract. I presume there would be no compensation if we did not renew it. That's the upside and the downside to a rolling contract. Equally, if Kenny had ended the season on a high, he could have been poached by another club without compensation to Wolves.

28 Apr 2016 13:34:44
I guess if I was a betting man tomtit i'd say sherwood to Blackburn as lambert is leaving. I'm not sure why sherwood is so popular. Only once prepared a team for a season which was villa this year. £50 million spent on transfers and they did really well didn't they!

{Ed001's Note - you forgot to mention his complete lack of ability to coach. The fact that he has all the intelligence of a dead cow (I mean what kind of moron goes flytipping and labels every bag with his name and address?) and the tactical knowhow of a five year old child. In fact he is the managerial equivalent of an excited child, all enthusiasm but nothing else.}

28 Apr 2016 13:45:52
Sherwood to Blackburn Blackburn sack lambert wolves stuck with numpty jackett.

28 Apr 2016 14:48:54
Sherwood to Blackburn I reckon.

28 Apr 2016 14:51:39
I agree Deepthroat. I was ready to tolerate Moneyshop sponsorship in the short-term if it meant a warchest around FFP and to get to Prem, and then for Grayken to buy, as seemed it could be the answer to most fans hopes.

But now I've looked into Grayken it's very worrying what he might do with the club if he got it. Even if his plan is to get us to Prem fast by evading FFP, then sell us a Prem club for maximum profit, his record suggests he'd sell to the highest bidder regardless who they were, and that could be terrible. So I guess I'm back to hoping Morgan recommits, or there's a different buyer out there for us. Wolves are too good for all this dodgyness :-)

28 Apr 2016 16:17:17
I think people like Sherwood because in personality he's a bit of a shark / wide boy, like Pardew, people like that often come across as sharp and natural winners. And I guess he would be great inspiring younger players. Know nothing though about how good he'd be for Wolves though, no reliable track record to go on.

28 Apr 2016 17:38:17
Gary Monk over Sherwood all day.

28 Apr 2016 19:20:55
Sherwood? Nah, can't see it, did'nt he once say sonething derogatory about us when he was playing and offered a transfer to us? Or have I got that wrong. All that matters is we get rid of kj and start afresh, but it'll be same old with M&M still in place no matter who we get. Dismal times.

28 Apr 2016 20:58:06
Correct me if i'm wrong, but I do recall that Knob Dougie Freedman saying it when we (allegedly) enquired about a player, he said, "wolves weren't getting him, he wanted him to go to a decent club"

28 Apr 2016 21:56:57
Freedman has issues with us following his time with us. It included a stint with McGee's Mrs (allegedly) hence being got rid of.

29 Apr 2016 07:44:33
I would rather take Lambert than Sherwood. Did a good job at Norwich. Other choice would be O'Neil the northern Ireland boss. He has just signed new contract but could he do the job part-time? He has achieved miracles through teamwork and motivation, just the things we lack at the moment.

29 Apr 2016 12:07:29
Actually on second thoughts I prefer Gary Monk over Sherwood, assuming we con't get the likes of Nigel Pearson.

No way would Pearson take the crap from Moxey that Jackett does though.

If Moxey is staying and we remain in limbo, quite honestly nobody but a Dean Saunders-type would come here, so it could all be academic in the final analysis.

29 Apr 2016 13:19:46
Best man for the job is Mark Warburton - sadly, can't see him leaving Rangers anytime soon.

27 Apr 2016 05:23:55
Remember Tim Nash who used to do our reports for the E&S? Well know he's doing it for Shrewsbury and last night at the Walsall he tweeted saying KJ, Rob Edwards, Pat mountain were all there at the game know I wouldn't of thought they were there to watch a football game ( well they were in a way) they were scouting players ahead of the summer I'd guess or maybe 1-2 there interested in already.

27 Apr 2016 06:57:32
If Pat Mountain is there could be a goalie. Maybe the new Joe Hart?

27 Apr 2016 08:05:04
Yh that's what I was thinking mate.

27 Apr 2016 08:12:12
Is there a vacancy at Shrewsbury for a head coach, junior coach and Goalie coach?

Just asking,

But I pray there is.

27 Apr 2016 10:48:34
FFS KJ better not become Shrewsbury manager, supporting Shrewsbury is my fall-back club if Wolves don't bin Moneyshop. And Shrews manager Micky Mellon is ace. In fact if Moneyshop is binned and I can stay Wolves, I'd be happier with Mellon as Manager than Kenny.

27 Apr 2016 13:33:33
At the moment I'd rather we had a watermelon in charge than KJ. We wouldn't exactly lose out on personality.

27 Apr 2016 16:15:36
. or attacking intent, it could be really good. Though I'm not sure how long a water melon would last near Moxey.

27 Apr 2016 17:27:45
Shrewsbury have a melon we have a lemon. Talk to Shrewsbury fans and they don't all share your view. He doesn't know his best team either.

27 Apr 2016 18:27:04
I guess Shrews are frustrated because they're close to drop zone, but I've seen from Shropshire Star some of the stunning successes Mellon has had there - got them promoted back to League 1 1st season in charge (and without exceptional money or team like KJ had to get us promoted to Champ) , and has had some amazing runs and results in cup games (which must be critical to Shrews revenue) .

Biggest thing I noticed, certainly early on, was how he was able to reconnect fans and club - I remember one day loads of fans were queueing for cup tickets, he went out to cheer them up, gave out coffee etc. No way would anyone at Wolves do that, too professionally pompous, but maybe that's just the lead Moxey sets.

And he seems to talk straight, admits his mistakes, most of all he shows passion and belief, I'd love someone at Wolves to show some passion.

26 Apr 2016 21:45:31
The away kit for the 2016/17 season will be lime green as the pictures were leaked on Snapchat by Kortney Hause (source Express&star) .

Just goes from bad to worse. Looks vile! The sooner we get new owners the better!

26 Apr 2016 22:09:54
I'm not sure Hause really did leak it, WWFC have a shot at dawn policy for players leaking stuff on social media. I bet it was intentional, to take attention off Moneyshop or to see if a revolt was on hand.

I like the green and black away kit, I hate the black hoops on the socks though, it's like they're trying to brand us the Black Country Celtic.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's a sweetener to Moneyshop sponsorship, their owner is Irish, the one in photo's with Robbie Keane. lol, maybe Moneyshop will be the new owner and it will become our home kit!

No to hoops!

27 Apr 2016 11:44:49
Do you have a link to the photo of Robbie Keane and John Grayken?

27 Apr 2016 12:33:34
I don't, I saw it posted on a forum, either this one or MolMix.

It's all very suspicious - Grayken owns Moneyshop, and has been linked to buying Wolves through links with Robbie Keane and Glenn Hughes. He's Irish, and we bought Mason at XMas (an Irish International when we couldn't use him, but because was only chance to buy him with Cardiff in FFP trouble at that time) - looks like he was bought for next season not this. And our away kit next season is green, for first time in our history, and like an Irish owner might want.

And of course, in middle of all that, Grayken's Moneyshop suddenly become Wolves main sponsors - totally in conflict with the clubs identity, but potentially in order to get a Prem push warchest round FFP. It's a lot of smoke for there to be no fire.

27 Apr 2016 12:52:29
All very suspicious as you say. But only circumstantial.
BTW, John Grayken was born in the USA, in Boston. He took Irish citizenship relatively recently and my guess is for tax reasons. (US citizens have to pay tax in the US on their entire worldwide earnings. Ireland is more lenient) . Grayken probably has an Irish grannie or something, which can confer citizenship.

Given the new sponsorship deal at Wolves and the connection with Robbie, a lot of smoke for if there's no fire!

27 Apr 2016 12:55:01
Looks like job for mauler n scully -X files / maybe they find out why moxey such a dick and why kj lost plot this season.

27 Apr 2016 13:49:37
Yes probably for tax, but I guess he was pictured with Robbie Keane because he's an Irish footy hero and Grayken is into being Irish. Plus Ireland market offers a massive opportunity for support and revenue for an Irish branded Prem team, and Wolves does have Irish links / strong support anyway.

There's also the uncanny coincidence that his name is Grayken, an almost perfect description of our current Coach and play-style! The stars are aligning!

27 Apr 2016 14:10:20
Brilliant. We already have a "Grey Ken" of our very own.

You're right about being into Irish. There's no one more Irish than a born-again American.

28 Apr 2016 10:24:09
I've been reading up on Grayken, I seriously hope he's not buying. He runs vulture funds, he's basically an asset stripper. There's reports out of Korea showing that he doesn't honour pledges he makes, and Forbes reckons that people who've trusted him to work with have ended up seriously regretting it - reasonable to assume we would too.

25 Apr 2016 08:32:34
James Fielden reckons there's a very interested party currently in discussions. It's tucked away amongst his Tweets.

25 Apr 2016 11:39:35
James Fielden is an ITK poster. 👍.

25 Apr 2016 14:17:42
thought paul threw his toys out of his pram and was not posting till kenny has gone?

25 Apr 2016 14:53:00
Well spotted 'Glenn.!

25 Apr 2016 15:02:05
Done deal it's Bob Laslett with Indian backers. Will be announced end of season, just dotting i's and crossing t's so expect Moxey to stay.

25 Apr 2016 15:15:01
If it's true and they bin Moneyshop sponsorship it can't be bad. If they keep Moneyshop sponsorship, makes no difference, still as bad.

25 Apr 2016 15:15:06
Yeh but I know JACKETTS goin! 👍👍👍.

25 Apr 2016 15:42:30
I hope jackett is going don't think bob laslett will buy wolves.

25 Apr 2016 16:24:03
Banbury wolf.
When Bob Laslett stepped down as chairman of Margate he said he wanted to hand the baton to someone younger. Why would he change his mind now and take up a position at Wolves that he clearly thinks he is too old for?

25 Apr 2016 17:24:38
There must have been loads of preparation in the Moneyshop sponsorship announcement at WWFC, it's a massive thing that's extremely contentious, but we didn't hear a squeak about it, no one heard a whisper until the day the club announced it.

The club clearly control info very tightly, I'd bet we won't know anything real about a new owner until it's announced by the club, rumours claiming to be in the know about a new owner are highly unlikely. All we can do is deduce stuff from circumstance, and think at moment Moneyshop / Lone-Star as buyers still makes most sense.

Considering Moneyshop are poncing off our rep as a family club, our almost unique reputation for financial prudence, the damage it will do to fan relationship, the crash it will cause in merchandising and shirt sales, the way it will put off other sponsors, the way it makes us less saleable - that sponsorship has a right be worth many millions to Wolves, maybe £20m over the 3 yrs, paid up front.

So we should have a warchest now, courtesy of Moneyshop. If that kind of money doesn't show in WWFC's spending this Summer, then maybe Morgan is just looking to recoup his £30million by asset stripping our brand and selling it to sponsors?

25 Apr 2016 17:34:18
20 million to sponsor us for 3 years sponsorship?! Never heard such nonsense, they could have bought us for that!

25 Apr 2016 19:21:32
If someone does buy us, be it Bob Laslett, John Grayken, or even Jack the Ripper, one thing is for sure, there will be a complete news blackout at Wolves. You could torture Moxey but he wouldn't talk.

Mind you, I'd like to torture Moxey, just cut off the pie supply!

25 Apr 2016 19:45:29
Tea-time - it's on assumption Moneyshop owner would be buying us too (maybe for further £30m or whatever) , and sponsorship was to get big amount of his investment into club, but as sponsor, not owner, to get around FFP. It's about the amount of money the FA would accept is market value for sponsorship and not falsely inflated. Moneyshop could potentially be used as excuse for £20m for FFP, because they are so sub-prime (undesirable) . Leicester are claiming £10m sponsorship for last year they were in Chump, but FA not swallowing it because their sponsor was prime, not sub-prime sponsor like Moneyshop.

And re Deep Throat, the danger would be if we took away Moxey's pies, he'd just eat us instead. Or the team. Maybe this is what's really happened to Byrne?

25 Apr 2016 20:41:44
I only post what I know, wait and see its correct Laslett is the man.

25 Apr 2016 21:55:21
I hope so as I like Laslett, true Wolves, but right now I'm more bothered about Moneyshop. If Moneyshop aren't throwing many millions at us, I'd hope Laslett / new owner would bin them, but looks like Morgan might anyway.

Rumours Morgan angry about Moneyshop (it's claimed he agreed it without thinking as he isn't taking much interest, Moxey assured him there'd be no trouble over it, but now loads of trouble and Morgan worried about harm being done to his Community work and legacy) . It's claimed there's angry phone calls going on with Morgan, Moxey, and Moneyshop. Also claimed Matt Grayson (WWFC PR) is fire fighting angry corporates / Director Boxes and other sponsors, it's totally kicked off.

I'm hoping for a Moneyshop and Moxey double dismissal, would be better than winning FA Cup :-P

I think if Moneyshop is binned and Moxey goes, we should have a bus parade.

25 Apr 2016 22:29:00
ULF where do you get all this info from would be amazing if true but I can't see any contract being broken without wolves paying for it!

26 Apr 2016 00:11:48
It's all over the comments on todays E&S article about anti Money Shop petition going over 10k signed. (I related pretty much everything it said in my post) .

Morgan is a very proud man, and he has a temper, I'm hoping the E&S comments are true, Moxey his pet hippo has been waggling his tail and has covered him in $$$$, he's going to sack him :-P.

26 Apr 2016 12:23:33
Had to laugh at Jacketts comments him saying he is to blame for bad results, does he think we wolves fans are thick, the sooner he as gone the better what a complete numpty, how he as survived with the pathetic, awful football he as played is beyond me who in there right mind wants to keep watching that football.
The tea lady could pick a better team than him, even the pie man and that's saying something.
If I owned the club and didn't want to spend any money like Mr. Morgan, I would pick the side myself than have Jackett he as lost the plot, and I would definitely go with 2 strikers at home win or lose get some entertainment back at the molineux instead of these 0-0 draws at home he is pathetic, sooner he as gone the better, he picks the side.

26 Apr 2016 14:34:59
if he's on a season long rolling contract he's probably just running this one down so we don't have to pay compensation to Jacket. I know there's only a few weeks left of the season but he may have a clause where he his compensated with a certain sum. You how tight Jez is.

26 Apr 2016 16:18:41
I believe a year long rolling contract means he always has a year on his contract. Wolves would have to pay him for a year regardless of when they happen to sack him. There isn't a situation where his contract runs out per se. It could be reviewed every year but if one party wanted to cancel then compensation would probably have to be paid. I think that is how it works.

26 Apr 2016 16:23:49
Cheers Clivewolves.

26 Apr 2016 16:31:46
Let's face it James De wolf could you stand that football he plays every week, it's utter negative rubbish football with absolutely no creativity whatsoever and I hate to say I told you so, but due to not getting those 3 players plus Sako's replacement to push on for promotion to the premier league which we all thought would happen, we are doing what I said we would do and sell all these good young players coming through and all the money will go to line Morgans pocket.
Let's hope we have a new owner or owners for next year to invest or MR. MORGAN realises is mistake and invests some of is vast amount of money to get we back on course but he must move Jackett out he as showed is limitation this year with some dire football, seen better football in the Sunday works league.

26 Apr 2016 16:58:52
Bigwolf I totally agree. We should have got Zyro (and others) when Sako left. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm sure we could of had him earlier but managed to save a few quid by signing in Jan. Then players like Afobe could see we had some ambition and our intention was to make a good push for promotion. It's all a joke.

24 Apr 2016 10:08:42
Looks like Iorfa to Crystal Palace in the summer.

24 Apr 2016 14:20:16
Get Sako in swap deal.

24 Apr 2016 14:32:30
It is just a newspaper report and if he does go and the club gets a big fee, that is football, eg Rooney to Man Utd. Unfortunately until the club is sold we will be in limbo. I said at the time to those fans demanding Morgan leave to be careful what you wished for. We could be in this position for years.

24 Apr 2016 15:20:06
There is probably a lot more truth in this story than the b######s being talked about regarding money shop or there owner buying wolves, one person has a flight of fancy and all of a sudden everyone is on the band wagon, not once has it been eluded to in the media.
Sit tite wolves fans it's going to be a long tough close season and tougher New season ahead.

24 Apr 2016 18:28:32
i have to agree with Jimmy, I predict quite an exodus of players with relegated players coming in. Morgan will make his last buck out of us and then sell. We're going to have a long season next year and I can only see a relegation battle being the outcome. I'm usually pretty optomistic but unfortunately I can only see frustrating times ahead. Sorry Paul I actually agree with you most of the time but Kenny will still be here as the "yes" man because it's the best job he's ever going to get and the cheapest option for Moxey as he'll pretty much be running things.

24 Apr 2016 19:12:41
The only way to win is keep away, show Morgan and Moxey we are not going to keep paying our money to watch crap football.

25 Apr 2016 06:33:03
Arsenal also linked with Iorfa.

25 Apr 2016 09:38:34
Come on guys this season has been shocking yes and with no likely buyers its going to be a hard long season. BUT with a forward line of Graham Dicko Henry we will see more goals. If Ifora goes then Doc will step in, we will also have Williamson back to control the young heads at the back. We just need Kenny to see what the rest of us do and pair McD and Price in the centre then if we have zero injuries all season we will be ok lol.

25 Apr 2016 10:03:45
I often think that teams who finish the season poorly get off to a bad start the next season. So, guys, it doesn't look good for the Wolves unless we can buck the trend in the last matches. If Iorfa goes and who knows maybe Hause too, we will be desperate for new defenders. Doc, Batth, Williamson and EEL probably staying but after that we only have Deslandes so at least two more, especially RB.

I actually think the rest of the team isn't too bad as remember we have Dicko coming back and what did we sign Mason for if not to play up front? A 442 option, surely, and Edwards likes to get forward. Zyro going to be out for a while yet and if only Siggy could put one away and give us some confidence then the rest is about team tactics.

Ah, right.

25 Apr 2016 14:09:33
jimmyjones - it wasn't a flight of fantasy, it was an idea that Moneyshop could be sponsorship from new owner to get round FFP for Prem push warchest this coming season. It is possible and does fit with circumstance, there's just no way of knowing if it's true.

And it is the only rational way to explain why they'd take Moneyshop sponsorship, that will cause a serious rift with fans, will cripple merchandising sales, will annoy other sponsors, and will make club much less saleable.

And it is an idea worth holding onto for me at least, because if we are now Moneyshop-Wolves and it's not a cunning plan for a Prem push warchest for Prem and is just standard penny-wise business, I'm going to have to quit supporting the club, like I guess the vast majority of people not in urban Wolverhampton City and it's immediate districts will. It's too urban and down market. Wonga destroyed the National reputation of Blackpool, Moneyshop will Wolverhampton's?

Moneyshop sponsorship does sell out WWFC's and Wolverhampton's heritage and identity, the least that is worth is a many £millions as a Prem push warchest. If Moneyshop doesn't = a Prem push warchest, Moxey, Morgan, and Moneyshop are ripping off Wolves and Wolverhampton, selling us out way too cheap.

Moneyshop should equal big money sponsorship, if Morgan and Moxey aren't pocketing that as profit, it must equal Prem warchest or we're being ripped off.

25 Apr 2016 16:21:26
Ok let me just explain something.

If iorfa goes then we have hardly any promise of having a senior english player for the next couple of years. However if we keep iorfa sign those bloody players we could actually make a run for the premier league. Also I don't get why iorfa would go as he would get hardly any playing time.

25 Apr 2016 16:45:54
West ham and Southampton also being linked with a move fro Iorfa.

25 Apr 2016 17:33:56
Theres no 'warchest' from moneyshop. there's no serious ambition. They've got cheap ad, that's all, and it does bring us down to a low esteem that our club does not deserve. We've been ripped off this season, and until the smug M&M are replaced by someone who cares about the old gold we'll continue in the same way.

25 Apr 2016 19:53:41
Wolves should have taken tons of money off Moneyshop for that sponsorship, it should appear in our Summer transfer spending. If it doesn't it's just more proof money we should have isn't being spent on the team and we're being run down.

23 Apr 2016 23:39:04
I can tell you that the Moneyshop deal is for sponsorship only and nothing else. the fella who owns them is not interested in buying Wolves. my source tells me that at the moment there is absolutely no interest in anyone buying the club. Jackett is going nowhere as Moxey wants him to finish what he has started at Wolves. so prepare yourselfs for more boring football next season with no buyer on the horizon, Moxey going nowhere and Jacketts 12 month rolling contract will carry on.

24 Apr 2016 10:57:47
Well if true, if Moneyshop isn't a cunning plan that gives us a warchest for summer transfers, I think next season will be meltdown because Moxey will have betrayed Wolves fans principles.

24 Apr 2016 12:20:00
I think best plan is to assume Moneyshop owner is buying and Moneyshop sponsorship prelude to that, and to get round FFP for big summer warchest. That raises fan expectations to a peak. If everyone believes that and big summer spending doesn't happen, that expectation will explode on WWFC start of next season, super-fuel for Preston carpark mark2, on steroids. Morgan wants a legacy, he won't be able to cope with the unbridled hate. And it will seriously harm Moneyshops business and reputation, not help it.

I think assuming we have a big summer warchest for Prem push next season because of Moneyshop sponsorship is a win win situation that can only backfire on Moxey and Morgan.

24 Apr 2016 14:47:45
The only way to beat the 2 M'S running our football club with a boring manager who is out is depth I'm afraid, is to keep away and hit them in the pocket were it really hurts, because I for one am not going to pay my well earned money watching that, and I have had enough of Moxeys comments on how to run our football club which always end up with no improvement whatsoever.
Keep away wolves fans till something is done it's the only way, you cannot keep watching that kind of football it's past a joke, and we all now were the trouble lies so let's do something about it not keep listening to silly excuses.

24 Apr 2016 18:32:12
Big wolf you're spot on!

23 Apr 2016 08:52:56
So does anyone really know who's takin over the club.

23 Apr 2016 09:23:28
no one knows what is going on knowing our luck morgan will sell to moxey lol.

23 Apr 2016 11:17:42
I think if Moneyshop owner is looking to buy, then Moneyshop sponsorship is to get round FFP for Prem push warchest, so we'll know by end of this summers transfer dealings if that's what's going on. If we're Moneyshop Wolves but don't spend big this summer, then highly unlikely they're looking to buy, so this is just bad in every way and Moneyshop sponsorship (3yrs) is likely to put off other potential buyers and make us less saleable.

I personally think though Moneyshop owner is looking to buy, think it's why there was rumour that Moxey had flights and hotels to Arabland and China couple of weeks ago, one last look for a different buyer before agreeing with Moneyshop.

23 Apr 2016 11:46:49
It could take years.

24 Apr 2016 10:32:10
That makes no sense Ulf. No one goes traveling the world looking for buyers they always come to you, I think you are way off the mark.

22 Apr 2016 13:17:24
The Money shop are not buying wolves in the same way redrow didn't buy wolves there owner did . The owners of the money shop own various businesses if there owner was to buy wolves it won't mean the money shop own wolves so can we stop the pant wetting over it . I believe we don't need a cash rich owner just one with vision like huw at Swansea. But if one of the Owners of money shop with his 6.5billion fortune did buy us I won't be moaning.

22 Apr 2016 13:31:31
Well said - let's face it can't be any worse that what it is.

22 Apr 2016 13:46:01
I'm fine with Lone-Star or it's owner buying Wolves. But whatever, if WWFC get to Prem, the Moneyshop sponsorship needs to be changed to something more up-market and less urban, like Lone-Star, so that it doesn't give Wolverhampton and WWFC a class-limited urban-only image in the Nations mind that will harm WWFC's brand, reach, and ability to grow it's fanbase. And, Wolverhampton City's ability to attract shoppers and other investment and regenerate.

And I'd guess our new green away kit is because Lone-Star owner is Irish - fine, but the socks have hoops!

While we are in Championship no one will notice, so as long as they don't brand us in Prem and so to rest of Nation as urban down market Moneyshop, and as long as they don't try and turn us into the Black Country Celtic, fine.

Lose the f'ing hoopy green socks!

22 Apr 2016 14:43:32
Ulf, that was impressive, a little too positive though! Haha. I'd like us to get rid of the Money Shop now and lead with Lone Star as the sponsor and with their owners as our owner! Out of Darkness Cometh Lime Green.

22 Apr 2016 15:12:32
lol, yes, out of darkness cometh lime green - dollars and the luck of the Irish. I think coming season could be really good and end in Prem or close, think there is a cunning masterplan. Just hope they remember we have a heritage and dignity they need to respect in order to make the most of what they achieve.

And think we could be really good fit for Lone-Star. It's Texas but that's like Wild West, we're West, probably a bit wild, and I'm sure I remember we had a real cowboy in the town once :-)

22 Apr 2016 15:53:14
Something is definitely going on behind the scenes - but Jez and his ways are showing us the middle finger at the min.

22 Apr 2016 16:38:37
Why has everyone jumped on the "money shop buying wolves" band wagon, has it been mentioned somewhere in the press or are people putting 2+2 together and coming up whatever they feel like.?

22 Apr 2016 17:57:15
The Lone Star chairman/ founder was born in Boston in the USA. He took Irish citizenship and renounced his American citizenship. His wife is Engish. I suspect he took Irish citizenship for tax reasons. I don't think we should get too wound up about the Irish connection. I'd be more excited about it if Robbie Keane was in on the deal too. Maybe he is?

I'd like Money Shop dropped from Wolves shirts but I don't think it will happen, as the idea is to promote Money Shop. To put Lone Star on the shirts would be meaningless as there is no Lone Star business in this county to promote! It is merely a holding company in the UK without any retail presence.

22 Apr 2016 18:37:18
To an extent, at regional club / Championship level, shirt sponsorship is more 'below the line', its impact is more local and that's who it's targeting. Prem is National / Global, it's totally above the line / untargeted, it's about brand reputation. Brand reputation matters, it shows you've arrived, in the establishment and can be trusted, but still capable of big and unusual success, makes deals easier to make etc. Also, a top club with limitless reach (cuz it has a heroic heritage that isn't class-limited, like us presently but as a seed, as Man U are fully developed) is worth tons to owner floated on stock market.

Also Moneyshop is a sub brand that isn't called Dollar or Lone-star because it's owner doesn't want him or his overall parent company tainting by being directly linked with something class limited or urban like pay-day lending. He shouldn't want Wolves to be either, both because if he bought us he'd be directly associated with us, and because as a seed, we do have limitless potential if we aren't given a glass ceiling by being defined as class-limited and urban to the Nation and World.

And it makes sense they'd sponsor before buying in order to get a load of initial investment into club and around FFP, and to avoid us having a known wealthy buyer inflating summer transfer fees.

22 Apr 2016 18:37:23
Deep throat you have nailed the issue. The money is good because no one else wants to carry the brand. They just needed to find some CEO who would happily advertise pies made from deceased relatives if the price is right. A marriage made in heaven.

22 Apr 2016 22:01:03
Great news! Moxey has explained to us that for clubs to move forward, they have to find the best investment wherever they can. We should see some decent investment in the summer then? Yeah right! Enjoy the back hander jez!

23 Apr 2016 08:12:38
Agree Jtwolf we need something at the moment or else we are going nowhere, this season as been awful, no more excuses need action.

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